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Example sentences for reek

Unfortunately, such a system would spread the wealth and reek too much of fair play, so it will never happen.
Any actor who doesn't want to reek of despair should avoid such self-mockery at all costs.
Rotting wood pilings and hunks of concrete jut from the water, and the air has a briny reek.
On the surface, such a decision may reek of wrongdoing.
Programming strategies this year reek of uncertainty.
Some apartments have no cooking gas, while others reek of it leaking from the stoves.
If this game appears to reek of history, it is because it does.
Witness, perhaps, the first hyper-parenting trend that does not reek of wanton excess.
In the crammed history of thievery, this misadventure seems to reek of unsophistication.
The sounds of grunting and the reek of sweat emanate from its dingy chambers every evening.
He favors cigars that reek and wears clothes that don't match, either him or each other.
The stairs were dark and narrow, heavy with the sweet reek of marijuana.
To judge from the reek of old cigarette smoke, the defectors must all have died of lung cancer.
Many of the streets simply reek as garbage rots in the oppressive heat.
The reek of unwashed toilets spilled into the street in the neighborhood of unpainted cinder block houses.

Famous quotes containing the word reek

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