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In a single day the anchor of a cruise ship can destroy an area of coral reef half the size of a football pitch.
Coral reef team with a mind-boggling array of life in waters that are often nutrient poor.
During coral growth, these elements are incorporated into the reef skeleton in varying amounts.
Certain sea creatures tint their skin with pigments from the corals they've eaten to take on the color of their home reef.
Seen in the right light, yellow reef fish become spotty pains in the tail fin.
When looking for first homes, reef fish tend toward noisy reefs, new experiments show.
Overfishing and reef destruction almost eliminated large fish, then medium-sized fish, finally leaving only the small ones.
So stressed middle-sized fish make for both happy coral and happy predators-in short, a healthy and highly productive reef.
In contrast, even beach umbrellas survived the milder surge along an adjacent beach where the reef was still intact.
Oriskany is the largest warship ever to be intentionally sunk as an artificial coral reef.
Years had been expended in mining the formidable reef that stretched thence into the river, and when the loading was complete.
But the engines died, and the submarine grounded on yet another coral reef.
Worse, cyanide poisons the entire reef, which will take decades to recover.
The bay, the ancient site, the coral reef and the fresh water have no single owner to protect them.
Therefore it comes as no surprise that they have run the ship at full steam onto the reef.
It also needs the acquiescence of downstream countries in schemes such as the reef-blasting.
From coast to coast, from tundra to coral reef, state governments are in an awful fix.
For now, the big question is whether reef fish can adapt to their changing environment.
Through the clear blue-green shallows he could see neon flashes of color as tropical fish glided along the reef.
When you consider the hundreds of microbe species that live in each reef, corals and our own bodies become surprisingly similar.
Guests who stay in a deluxe reef room, reef suite or presidential suite are provided personal butler service.
The reef stands out as the world's largest individual formation that living organisms created.
The nooks and crevices on a reef provide homes for many species, which in turn provide resources for many others.
If the water near a reef gets too warm, the polyps die.
At each spot, you'll park at a dive shop and motor out to the reef on a boat.
If you're going below the surface to capture the hidden life of a coral reef, you want to get in close.
At this time of the year, the trout will move to the reef to feed on bait.
Over-fishing is partly to blame, as it deprived the reef of its cleansing fish.
Divers in wet suits are hauling themselves out of the coral-reef tank.
Coral reef ecosystems sustain abundant and diverse tropical marine life.
Aquaculture is a growing industry in and around coral reef resources.
Coral reef ecosystems are in decline worldwide, and their survival is in doubt in some locations.
Clearly a ship's captain could not run his vessel aground on this reef, so mariners would not consider this a reef.

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