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Deals that grant a reduction in teaching can end up lasting well beyond the reason they were handed out in the first place.
To prevent the silting, the government launched a livestock reduction program.
The handful of jobs lost from coal and natural gas reduction can be replaced double or triple by burning garbage.
The question is why this reduction in limb size happened.
Temporal noise reduction should help in low-light scenarios.
Its first bail-out gave it three-year loans at punitive interest rates, with no debt reduction.
Or what reduction in efficiency would result from removing them.
Still, the wattle and arm-flab reduction in the photos is seductive.
Inconveniently, different products had curves of a different slope and different sources of cost reduction.
Fair enough, don't pay for their population reduction.
The result is a reduction in muscle soreness and fatigue.
So, converting your employees to contractors could mean a large reduction in your health care coverage costs.
They urged immediate reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions to try to minimize the potential catastrophe.
Yet no public consensus on a sharp reduction of military outlays exists.
Amazon is hoping that the packaging reduction will eventually result in lowered product prices.
It would be more likely that they would apply the reduction roughly equally to all programs.
The biggest change for processing images is the addition of luminance noise reduction.
But it actually favors only a reduction in the tax rate.
Additionally rising communication between societies and human kind is caused a reduction of violence.
The group refuses to say whether it also favors a reduction of loopholes.
The degree of hippocampal volume reduction correlated with total duration of major depression.
But the principle that tax reform is a healthy part of deficit reduction is a sound one.
The coalition has enjoyed unexpected success in making the case for deficit reduction.
Noise reduction steps make everyone a good neighbor.
Within two weeks the campus will receive a specific budget reduction figure.
Stress reduction can be achieved by exercise, being with family and friends and meditation.
Lesser changes involve the renaming of creatures, as well as a reduction in the amount of blood and corpses found in the game.
But the reduction in many traditional language programs is still troubling to some advocates of the humanities.
The task of deficit reduction will fall somewhere in the distant future.
Hence, the overeating while watching television relates to the reduction in thought and memory as well.
Adjustment couldn't clear up its color problems fully, and its noise reduction created a distracting pulsing effect in some video.
Sixty percent reduction in post-exercise recovery time.
Nearly half a dozen government agencies and programs were threatened with reduction or elimination.
The resulting reduction in pressure in the rift allows magma to be forced upward by the weight of the overlying crust and mantle.
Our faculty and staff have appreciated the clutter reduction and time and paper saved.
Adult animals rarely die from the infection but do suffer permanent weight reduction and a loss of milk yield.
College students didn't need an increase in lifestyle while their parents experienced a reduction in theirs.
Moderation and risk reduction can and should play a role in all of these activities.
And that power reduction is the key to its use in tablets.
Crime reduction policies should be based on what works rather than what is politically appealing.
But a reduction of pollution emissions could spur broader use.
The net result was a large reduction in state revenue.
The resulting reduction in meat consumption would solve the problem.
The cost is a reduction of the broader application of its findings and the isolation from others.
With a reduction of the fog, a mature tree's great height becomes a liability.
But our manufacturers were not long satisfied with this reduction.
The moderns desired to bring about a reduction in the height of the point held by the ancients.
Poverty reduction and combating corruption will be the centerpieces of economic policy for the next few years.
Those in better quarters also showed a trend toward a reduction in mortality.
The reduction in aid budgets, understandable as it may be, has been too severe.
The government's deficit-reduction plan may prove too tight.
It points out that in many rich countries the process of debt reduction hasn't even started.
Its insolvent economy needs a bigger debt reduction.
Deficit-reduction targets were relaxed because of slower growth.
Near-term deficit reduction is almost entirely about the strength of the economy.
The other involves debt restructuring, and perhaps temporarily abandoning the euro, with significant principal reduction.
But in real terms, revenues are flat and spending was reduced, so cuts mostly account for the reduction in real deficit.
Elder's team found the right amount of sleep and stress reduction at the start of the trial predicted successful weight loss.
Educators have long held that the interactions between students and professors defy simple reduction.
In contrast, improved fund raising and reduction of debt-structure risks may contribute to an upgrade.
With the exception of a couple, our state system has seen a wholesale reduction of counseling staff.
We're also seeing improvements in the airframes, including weight reduction and aerodynamic improvements.
Yes, you can get an impressive relative risk reduction when the initial risk is tiny.
On the other hand, reducing caffeine and replacing it with chamomile tea resulted in significant symptom reduction.
Importantly, the report gives no cause for any reduction in concern about future sea level rise.
Debt-ceiling increases are now tied to deficit reduction.
Now even if you appear to qualify for a payment reduction according to those calculations above, you still might not.
Then the average firm will experience a reduction in the demand for its products at their existing prices.
As many people have pointed out, and will continue to point out, this is not serious deficit reduction.
Over low heat, whisk a couple cubes of butter at a time into the reduction.
More stimulus now, and more deficit reduction later.
Between stimulus and deficit reduction, there is a clear middle way.
Yet the chairmen's overall deficit-reduction strategy must be right.
At some point, a longer-term, more aggressive deficit reduction plan must be put in place.
In the next few years, aggressive deficit reduction will be a bad idea.
Return wine reduction to pan and add tomato water and saffron.
Well there's no doubt that lasting peace is intimately related to the control or reduction of diseases.
All of these devices were intended to allow an immediate reduction in the debt-servicing costs of the borrower.
In response, elected officials from both parties have engaged in rituals of deficit reduction.
Only then, with the economy no longer dependent on government support, would it be appropriate to shift to deficit reduction.
Most people agree that what is needed is a reduction in the global level of greenhouse gas emissions.
The date of withdrawal should be recast as a time for reduction to a lighter, more sustainable, and more permanent presence.
Thought of a war crime does not lend itself to euphemistic reduction.
But none of the evidence suggests that the reduction would be large.
New road construction, improved road management, and more flexible work schedules could all provide some gridlock reduction.
Instead the authors looked at reduction of variation across regions which may have been targets of natural selection.
Clean coal technology researched during the seventies and eighties focused on reducing acid rain reduction by removing sulphur.
In tests, the prototype quelled anxiety more effectively than simple noise-reduction devices.
And of those who do manage to use the magnet, only one in four cases results in a reduction of the seizure's severity, he says.
The overall result is a substantial reduction in fuel requirements.
Since it uses the image interpolation technology, there is a drastic reduction in image quality.
That's a significant power reduction, which will turn the heads of more than a few mobile device makers.
And, as demanding consumers, you will expect to receive added value to compensate for the reduction in frequency.
The reduction in weight reduces the cost of the steel supporting structure.
Furthermore, the slowdown of emerging economies as well as a dramatic reduction in the price of oil further hinders the situation.
Viewed broadly, risk reduction is the goal of all mitigation efforts.

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