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The collections were also smaller, a sign of the reduced demand for luxury clothing.
Reduced fuel viscosity means that much smaller droplets can be injected into the engine, leading to more efficient combustion.
The ultimate result could be lower crime rates, at a reduced cost, and with considerably less inhumanity in the bargain.
And if those thin films are made with amorphous silicon, the cost is further reduced.
We reduced the boiling water to a simmer and began adding the ingredients.
Dams, irrigation and now climate change have drastically reduced the once-mighty river.
With everybody buying music online, it's literally been reduced to the size of a postage stamp.
They have greatly reduced the deer herds by eating the fawns.
There he reduced his drinking and regained some mental stability.
Certain populations were so reduced that many scientists feared they would never recover.
The punches were cu by a pantograph which traced the drawing of the letter and reduced it o a size that would fit the punch head.
Its cavity becomes relatively reduced in diameter, and forms the cerebral aqueduct of the adult brain.
The peripheral parts of the vesicles expand, while the proximal parts are reduced to tubular stalks, the optic stalks.
The railways reduced this journey for any ordinary traveller to less than forty-eight hours.
He that dies in extreme old age will be reduced to the same state with him that is cut down untimely.
But in a short time his attendants, being complained of as too numerous and disorderly, are reduced to thirty.
The historian was thus reduced to his last resources.
The block is so arranged that it smoulders slowly and is not finally reduced to charcoal till the expiry of a year.
Employers can capture the huge savings of reduced certification costs.
Mangroves are habitats of enclosed intertidal mud flats with wave action greatly reduced, located near sources of fresh water.
Privacy, however, is too complex a concept to be reduced to a singular essence.
Stop allowing illegal workers and hold both the workers and the businesses that pay reduced wages or under the table accountable.
First of all, the discussion of digital reading has been reduced by some to digital e-books.
Many reefs have been reduced to rubble, a collapse that has deprived fish of food and shelter.
Environmentalists warn that unless demand is reduced, the fish may face commercial extinction in as little as five years.
The refractive power of the eye's corneal surface, a key to clear vision, is greatly reduced underwater.
The planet's surface cools, the stratosphere heats, photosynthesis is reduced.
Opium production has been reduced, but heroin trafficking is still a problem.
But eventually plants will crowd the area, and reduced water could cause drying and die-offs.
They also reduced their reliance on wetland habitats through a crucial evolutionary adaptation known as the amniote egg.
Reduced crowds are an added attraction in the off-season.
The once enormous herds were reduced to only a few hundred animals.
Continue cooking over a medium-low flame until the liquid is almost all reduced.
They show me magnified before-and-after images in which ranges of wrinkles have been reduced to foothills.
Tourism is seasonal, which has reduced the pressure to provide extensive tourism infrastructure.
Some studies have shown that these beneficial bacteria are reduced in the guts of the allergy-prone.
He saws repeatedly until the brain is reduced to a series of thin slabs, which are then photographed and rushed to a freezer.
For example, apps cannot access accelerometer data and their frequency of network access is reduced.
High performance and reduced form factor mean that there is only so much juice that they can fit into the diminutive hardware.
Coffee, likewise, has been linked to a reduced risk.
Once it has arrived, the strength of the hovering jet is reduced until it lands.
Heavy showers now could even damage already reduced crops of sugar cane.
In fact exports and hence profits would certainly be reduced.
Units are now being marketed at heavily reduced prices.
It then examined how these risk factors reduced life expectancy in eight population groups.
Paperwork should be reduced to a minimum, and parents more involved.
The effect may be amplified, or reduced, by many factors.
Perfect time for innovation, capital employed doesn't necessarily imply reduced efficiency.
Whereas learned flies had reduced life spans, the long-lived flies learned less well than even average flies.
The euro's poor showing in the past year has reduced the relative cost of living in euro-zone cities.
If it moved further to the periphery, its clout in negotiations would be further reduced.
In either case household income is reduced, and exporters and users of capital are subsidised.
Such reforms have reduced prices and stimulated fresh thinking elsewhere.
Several countries have reduced the scope of such lists drastically.
Since bond yields should reflect the demand and supply for funds, this increase in net saving could indeed have reduced yields.
To cut their losses, oil firms have reduced supply, causing shortages at some petrol stations.
Unless something is coming round, cars need not stop, so congestion is reduced and fuel is saved.
Although promising, these efforts produced mosquitoes with only reduced parasite transmission.
Electronic components such as transistors and amplifiers with adaptive functions could be reduced to single, complex molecules.
Their discovery reduced genetics to chemistry and laid the foundations for the next half a century of biology.
They detected a significant acceleration of ageing that reduced the grain-filling period.
It goes without saying that the environmental, safety and health effects of coal production and use must be reduced as well.
As the atoms are cooled the frequency of their vibrations is reduced which increase the wavelength.
Both distraction and the pictures of new loves reduced pain.
The cities and building owners will repay the loans from monies saved by reduced energy costs.
The noise in a laser can be reduced but there will always be a certain amount of inherent quantum noise.
He found that certain rhythms increased muscle strength and others reduced it dramatically.
For instance a nuclear power station is virtually the same cost to operate at full power as at reduced power.
Others are planning for next year but don't know how much their budgets will be reduced as legislators face shrinking tax revenue.
But many taxpayers didn't receive a check, or received a reduced amount.
Sentenced to three years in prison, had rank reduced to private and given dishonorable discharge.
These performance losses more than offset the reduced drag on the aircraft in less dense air.
Airlines have reduced capacity and raised fares and fees as fuel costs surged.
Most of the effect is felt in reduced exports of machinery and transport equipment.
And those casualties will be dramatically and continue to be reduced.
Their mounds, which grew as high as two feet, reduced agricultural yields and damaged farm equipment.
The decision problem asks, in essence, whether reasoning can be reduced to computation.
The fingerprint images have also been reduced in resolution so as to render them unusable except for illustration.
Add vermouth and mustard and deglaze by boiling, stirring and scraping up brown bits, until reduced by half.
Pour wine over roast and briskly simmer until reduced by half.
Add vinegar to skillet and deglaze, boiling and scraping up brown bits with a wooden spoon until liquid is reduced by half.
In fact some natives are likely to see their incomes greatly reduced.
The naturalistic fallacy is thereby reduced to the naturalistic problem.
If that happens, then revenues will also decline and some of those profits we're seeing now might be reduced as well.
The cost of drug development must also be dramatically reduced.
And the liner going full speed stands a better chance of avoiding collision than she does on reduced speed.
Eventually his delicate body was reduced almost to a skeleton.
The free information services of the past are gradually being eliminated or reduced.
It also calls for reduced conflicts of interest and for regulators worldwide to tighten oversight.
The already war-damaged capital has been reduced to ruins.
He was frequently offered stock from customers of the bank at a reduced price, in return for unspecified considerations.
Even with these, however, there is almost always an eventual payback in terms of reduced bills.
In a one-from-the-heart scene, dressed in tatters, he's reduced to begging for pennies.
It cannot be dismissed as some kind of an illusion, or reduced to some other phenomenon.
Language cannot be reduced to communication even if its other functions sometimes take second place.
With the convention, the danger of biological weapons is not eliminated but it is significantly reduced.
It is not reduced to providing us with paraphrase or a list of elements.
The resulting ethanol and gas gradually displace the diesel fuel, which is reduced to a minimum drip.
Winning depended on speed, which reduced the time for reflection and concentrated on immediate responses and motivations.
The tower top weight, size and windage is minimum, hence cost is much reduced.
The patch that the team came up with reduced the immediate danger but wasn't meant to be a permanent solution.
It will be amplified in some regions and reduced in intensity in others.
The reduced size of the battery could help offset the reported short supply of lithium.
So far, the researchers have reduced this number by half.
But in psychopathic patients, these sections of the amygdala remain dark, showing greatly reduced activity or none at all.
At night, the system heats up a large suitcase sized box of bricks when the electricity costs are reduced.
At low temperatures, polymer chain mobility is reduced, making the material more brittle.
Employee count will be reduced, allowing a cost savings for the store, not a time savings for the customer.
We ought to check carefully whether greenhouse gas emissions really would be reduced by going nuclear.
With liquid fuel the weight of the fuel is reduced by consumption.
If the finding holds true for humans, this insulin response could translate to a reduced risk of diabetes.
Lithium reduced the resulting brain damage by half compared with other rats in a control group.
He also says its reduced resistivity will help avoid overheating.
The end result of this is reduced folate levels, which in pregnant females often causes neural tube abnormalities.
The catch is that if both of you agree to snitch, you'll get only a slightly reduced jail term.
In agriculture the number of natural enemies is usually reduced because agricultural systems are usually much more simple.
In tests with animal subjects, oxytocin injections dramatically reduced tolerance to opiates.
Maybe concentrating on science leads to a reduced capacity to recognize satire and sarcasm.
Therefore, the intensity of the jet is also reduced.
Its known that parasite drag is reduced by these dimples.
Nitrogen will only boil in the blood if the blood is saturated and then you are exposed to suddenly reduced pressure.
These figures represent a dramatically reduced power difference compared with past legislative debates over climate change.
If done well enough the cost of keeping each vehicle orbiting is minimal, and the cost of each trip is reduced.
But in the morning, the activity of our fibrinolytic system is reduced.
They affirm that the buzzing, blooming confusion of the universe can be reduced to a tidy vertical column.
We reduced the size of local councils: it has had an effect already.
Cook over a low heat until the liquid has been reduced by half.
The fading light reduced the pine trees to ink-brush silhouettes.
The idea behind taxing it at a reduced rate is the same as for any capital gain: to encourage investment.
Grants from foundations and corporations have been reduced and are harder to come by.
The likelihood of nerve injury is reduced by careful surgical technique.
The data includes cases of those cited for going that fast, even if later plea deals reduced charges.
High unemployment and uncertain job prospects may have reduced the willingness of some households to commit to homeownership.

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