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Example sentences for redress

Affirmative action is an effort to redress the lack of representation in some small way.
Great litigators shape the law and provide redress for the injured.
How many mortgage holders will now seek redress is uncertain.
To try to redress public finances, scrapping large parts of the welfare state is unavoidable.
At present, employers can get rid of older workers once they reach the mandatory retirement age without fear of legal redress.
Its non-transparent working in the name of technology does not enable a good customer redress mechanism.
The law has rarely been invoked, but has occasionally provided some redress.
If a contract is broken or payment withheld, it is better to give up than rely on the courts for redress.
In fact, it serves to rub salt into a deeply gashed wound that has never known healing or redress.
Let's take the opportunity to redress them as quickly as possible.
When amahs are mistreated, as many are, they almost never seek redress.
She has given you ample redress for every injury of which you have complained.
It would also give individuals a fair way to seek redress for any injury received.
There seems to be some discussion of how to address and redress that.
We also realize, naturally, that there is no redress for monstrousness of the kind he practiced.
It's far too messy a medium of expression to allow for a practical strategy of redress.
It became recognized that war should redress wrongs without going to the extent of annihilation.
Still, there are egregious cases of negligence and malpractice in which injured parties should have the right to redress.
But their sense that they deserve redress may stand as an obstacle to the kind of collaboration a functional society requires.
In addition, the accompanying statements include information on the activities of the agency's consumer redress program.
Issues concerning appropriate access, correction, and redress.

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