redevelopment in a sentence

Example sentences for redevelopment

Her mission, give voice to the voiceless, especially those displaced by the multi-million dollar redevelopment of the projects.
There is always drawbacks ie cutting down of trees, and forest for redevelopment and what not.
Moreover, the upheaval accompanying redevelopment had drawn into it an extra share of derelicts and thieves.
Instead of ruling out redevelopment in low-lying areas, the agency had essentially left floodplain elevations unchanged.
The village was the first phase in the planned redevelopment of a former industrial site.
Emirates will move its entire operation there and the old airport will probably be sold for redevelopment.
The clinic is working with local groups to support redevelopment and to open community health-centres.
Any redevelopment on this scale will disturb sentimentalists.
These weren't big redevelopment schemes with mission statements.
Having lost population and buildings, inner-city neighborhoods are ripe for redevelopment.
There was some redevelopment, but some employers never went back.
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