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Example sentences for redefine

We are not ready yet to redefine ourselves through applied genetics.
College is a prime moment for students, including many older students, to question and redefine their core sense of who they are.
The opportunity to redefine yourself and explore other, perhaps more rewarding career paths should not be undervalued.
It simply sought to redefine the terms of the agreement.
Her talent allowed her to subvert convention and redefine beauty.
You're going to see the whole market kind of stabilize and redefine itself over the next couple of years.
They can also make long-term bets on innovations that will redefine markets rather than merely satisfy demand.
The weak economy is forcing libraries to redefine their role.
Focusing on productivity should help politicians redefine the debate.
The answer to her rhetorical question, it seems, is to try to redefine the school.
There is a need to call all partners involved in this continent to talk and redefine new strategies for the future.
Realizing that, and with tightening budgets, researchers needed to redefine the types of problems they addressed.
Relativity theory rejects original space time dimension and try to redefine them using speed and acceleration.

Famous quotes containing the word redefine

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