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Example sentences for redeeming

Table sugar, that bane of nutritionists everywhere, may be on the verge of redeeming itself.
Comments are in fact the redeeming value of rating systems online.
It's a fun picture book that can also be a reference for redeeming mistakes.
Restrictions on housing developments may have certain redeeming features.
Only this redeeming x factor justifies all the rest-the paradoxes and inconsistencies, to be sure, and even the hypocrisy.
But it embodied one transcendent redeeming quality: it existed.
One dies and her friend embarks on a soul-redeeming mission to pay back the money she took from clients.
The people playing financial games with no socially redeeming value whatsoever are outpacing everyone else.
Consider corn-based ethanol, a technology with no redeeming features.
It's remote, but the location has redeeming features.
He had no chance of redeeming himself in future reviews.
In this sense, it goes beyond promising to redeem us from social iniquity to redeeming us from human nature itself.
The other seems to have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
The new one should be fast, rude and with no redeeming ending.
Each character has some redeeming moments, but the redeeming moments of no two or three characters ever overlap.
Fully visible is their implicitly divided nature as commodities and redeeming concentrations of human striving and thought.
One reason is that many longtime fund investors are now redeeming fund shares to enjoy some of their gains.
As the courts say when they find that a work is not obscene, there is redeeming social value in this noisy flatulence.
The two stars go a long way toward redeeming the artificiality of the concept with their nuanced, unsentimental performances.
The only redeeming feature of this oddly distasteful film is the fact that a certain haunting pathos does emerge from it.
The county treasurer shall administer the tax certificate redemption fund for the purpose of redeeming tax certificates.
The annual redeeming application form is the same application used for original applicants.
But the burly slugger usually brings some redeeming qualities to the lineup, too.
Unlike the other airline credit cards there is no strategy for redeeming points.
Information provided will be verified when redeeming a prize.
The guidelines for redeeming a rebate can be extensive and missing steps may delay the process or result in loss of the rebate.
Some corporate tax breaks can have redeeming social value.

Famous quotes containing the word redeeming

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