redeemable in a sentence

Example sentences for redeemable

Every scholarship athlete should receive a voucher, redeemable at any time, for five years of free education and living expenses.
Points are redeemable for cruises, flights, hotels and vacation packages.
Each year, scuba divers are invited to search the lake for token that are redeemable for prizes.
The free weekend night certificates are redeemable for a free second night during a weekend stay.
Additional perks include an on-site pizza parlor and token arcade with redeemable prizes.
Closed-end fund shares, on the other hand, generally are not redeemable.
Closed-end fund shares generally are not redeemable.
Personal property is subject to immediate tax sale upon delinquency and is non-redeemable.
Food distribution is made through the issuance of checks redeemable at participating grocery stores.
The checks are redeemable for fresh fruits and vegetables at participating farmers' markets.
Any giveaways are nontransferable and are not redeemable for cash.
He was looking for redeemable factors to come in a little earlier.
Some of these are redeemable in both their excess and flavor.
The plan is to give nearby homes vouchers, redeemable at stores in the area, but the details are still unclear.
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