red wolf in a sentence

Example sentences for red wolf

So has the red wolf, whose wild population was extinct until captive breeding and release into the wild began.
Other mammals including the red wolf and stump-tailed macaque might also be hybrids.
Some scientists have suggested that the red wolf is a hybrid of the gray wolf and the coyote, but that's been disputed of late.
Bull gators coughed and roared back in the swamps, and once there came a lonely howl that he identified as the red wolf.
It also serves as the core area for re-establishing the red wolf back into the wild.
Design a graphic to illustrate the role of the red wolf as a top predator in strengthening the biodiversity of an ecosystem.
One red wolf was killed by a falling tree and two others escaped the enclosure.
The red wolf is elusive and will probably not be seen.
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