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Example sentences for red wine

Never mind all the research on the purported health benefits of red wine or chocolate.
To cut the richness, the burger is served with red wine pickles and celery root slaw.
She gave me bread enough and red wine, and let wash me in the river and bestowed on me these garments.
Remove fresh red wine stains with full-strength club soda.
Steamed fish and scallops are badly paired with red wine.
In my city, an active day outdoors involves going running and sailing, starting a fire and opening bottles of red wine.
Red wine won't overheat in the summer, and white wine won't get too cold when left in an ice bucket.
Replace red wine with apple juice and omit liqueur to make a non-alcoholic punch.
New research provides additional incentive to do that with red wine.
Whether or not red wine has unique heart-helping effects was unclear.
The water ethanol mixtures didn't have much of an effect, but the drinks did induce superconductivity-red wine best of all.
Red wine has long been toted as a preventive measure against cardiac disease.
Ditto antioxidants found in pomegranates, red wine and licorice root.
The researchers conjecture that the melatonin might be why red wine helps people relax.
She brought home two pizzas and let me have the last of the cheap red wine.
Red wine has to be put in the microwave to be palatable.
The only alcohol you drink is red wine, in small amounts.
And a few sips of a full-bodied red wine are the perfect cue to your brain to shift gears and relax.
She never forgot the first meal she'd made for her new husband: calves' brains simmered in red wine.
Drinking alcohol is a health risk, but drinking a moderate amount of red wine is good for your heart.
My mom decided to slow-roast the goose upside down in red wine.
The master distiller drank red wine while the rest of us sipped his vodka.
First the good: the often-touted benefits of drinking red wine seem to be borne out by a new study.
Breakfast is included in the room rate as well as a traditional afternoon tea service and red wine in the evening.
In a small mixing bowl, combine the lemon juice, zest and red wine vinegar.
The next it's dark chocolate, red wine, or fatty fish.
These free-radical fighters were already known to be present in red wine, but it seems beer might be an even better source.
And then there are beverages: juice and red wine, tea and coffee.
Red wine is a rich source of biologically active phytochemicals, chemicals found in plants.

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