red line in a sentence

Example sentences for red line

But then he took his pen and drew a red line clear through it.
And yet it's a red line, so you're not even supposed to bring it up.
As he walks, the map adjusts to each new point of view, and a red line marks the sidewalk leading to his destination.
The output from the telescope appeared on four three-track pen recorders as a squiggly red line on moving chart paper.
The only difference now was a long, thin red line hatched with staples running down her torso.
Gravity from matter does the slowing while dark energy does the speeding, it creates a combined curve denoted by the red line.
As the red line moves around the circle, the length of the green line changes.
The red line is the data from calculating the launch speed only from the angle and the x-velocity.
And that horrible red line represents the current labor market.
The graph arranges job losses by state in descending order, so the red line is always moving down.
Focus on the red line, which are the leading indicators.
The red line shows the total number of state and local government jobs combined.
That's the good news, and it's illustrated by the bright red line in the graph below.
Do your best to ignore those big spikes on the red line for federal jobs.
The red line in the graph above is not what it purports to be.
Ovations when the home team crossed the center red line.
The circles on the red line point in the direction the warm air is moving.
If you're typing in an e-mail, blog entry or online comment form, it puts a little red line under dubious spellings.
Move your mouse until the vertical red line is where you want the right boundary to be, and click to set the boundary.
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