red fire in a sentence

Example sentences for red fire

He drove a converted red fire truck stocked with medieval-looking tools.
Whether it was the yellow streetlights, the cross lights at the intersections, or the color of the red fire hydrant.
Nearby, in a storage room beside the vault, an ordinary-looking red fire extinguisher was strapped to the wall.
It may be displaced from established habitats by the red fire ant.
Small globs of red fire can be induced to dribble from the device.
Interesting thing was one of the toys was a big old red fire truck.
The existing system utilizes a red fire alarm cable, and must be maintained within a conduit system.
Red fire alarm boxes are mounted on corridor walls at each stairway door and throughout the building.
The fire bucket brigade was replaced with a shiny red fire engine, and an alert crew of volunteer firemen.

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