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Printer then flashes red light, demanding new cartridge.
He could stay in the fort, the red blanket casting a red light on everything inside.
Or maybe you've stopped next to them at a red light and they're checking emails.
The next time the red light of violence shone out it seemed of no importance, an irrelevant horror.
Then he was struck while walking across an avenue by a car running a red light.
When this current returns to the box, it's amplified and used to turn a red light-emitting diode on and off.
Light emitted by oxygen is shown as blue, hydrogen emission is shown as green, and nitrogen emission as red light.
It uses far red light that's invisible to the animals.
If you look closely beyond the bridge, you will see a red light.
On city streets, it's legal to right at a red light after stopping.
The larger re-emits the absorbed energy as red light.
Digital plates could display ads whenever a car comes to a halt at a stop sign or a red light.
It works by bouncing a beam of infra-red light off the tissue of interest and watching the echoes.
The photographs in question were taken in visible green light and two different frequencies of infra-red light.
The actual detection is done by infra-red light, which reflects off the user's skin and clothes.
But, suppose the overzealous roadway agency prosecuted the red light jumpers, even though they might not have caused any accident.
When a car jumps a red light and suffers an accident, he has argued, it is not a failure of the police.
In the electromagnetic spectrum, microwave radiation lies between radio waves and infra-red light.
It isn't until he is forced to stop at a red light that he makes meaningful contact with the public.
More recently, on the morning of the shooting, he was stopped by state authorities for running a red light.
Seven stories of floor-to-ceiling windows were flooded in red light, and a spotlight was swirling around the top of the building.
During the entire route, the entourage never stopped for a single red light.
It isn't until he is forced to stop at a red light that he makes meaningful contact with the public.
These water droplets absorb red light, making the scattered light appear blue.
The question is why blue and red light and not the more abundant green light.
So instead of hitting a red light you'll annoy all the drivers behind you by slowing down to avoid it.
We have three kinds that detect blue, green and red light.
What is more, the spot reflects more red light than blue light, meaning it has a reddish tint in the visible spectrum.
When he slows at a red light, he can choose which device he wants to charge up.
Red light cams send you tickets that a human never sees, cash machines that will choose when to give you access to your money.
My nephew was in a serious accident caused by a driver running a red light.
If you run a red light enough times you will get in an accident.
When the computer sensed that the level of fluorescence was decreasing, it flashed a red light.
When the scientists tested these octopus with red light, they got no reaction either.
We have found there is a different signaling for blue, white and red light.
The red light, along with a fainter blue, emanates from hydrogen gas irradiated by nearby stars.
The device is filled with voltage-sensitive dye that gives off green to red light in proportion to the surrounding electric field.
At the other end of the range, red light is quickly absorbed in seawater.
Blue light turns redder, while red light waves move into the realm of the infrared.
In other directions the spacing is half the wavelength of red light, and the opal reflects red.
Or maybe that star is red, and the detector is more sensitive to red light.
On the right is pretty much the same view, but instead of red light, they used blue-green-infrared.
Sufferers were dressed in red, bathed in red light, plied with red food and drink.
Your eye is not at all sensitive to red light, especially when it's faint.
Blue light has a higher index of refraction than red light.
He stopped at one red light, but blew through the next one a few feet away.
Field said police have been unable to determine whether one of the drivers ran a red light and are looking for witnesses.
The numbered intersections have red light camera enforcement.
We are trying to reduce the number of red light runners by increasing enforcement of signalized intersections.
Red light running is one of the major causes of crashes, injuries and deaths at signalized intersections.

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