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When growth results in more economic activity, governments' revenue receipts increase and red ink is reduced.
Now its builders are trying to keep it from crashing in a sea of red ink.
It produced nothing but constant trouble and occasional red ink.
The moribund combination leads to gushing red ink for the airlines.
All that red ink could turn out to be a little-noticed boon for corporate bottom lines.
At this point, none of the large global car companies have been able to avoid red ink.
There is red ink everywhere but some have spilled much more than expected.
Most economists agree that the red ink is both unavoidable and appropriate.
It may, of course, simply be that the fetters of euro membership alarm investors more than red ink.
The snag is that the company is still bleeding red ink.
The ageing of the population accounts for some of the red ink, but much more stems from rising health costs.
But he also wants to argue that the burden of red ink has crippled them.
The speaker has said that everything except tax increases is on the table to reduce a sea of red ink.
The red ink is mounting for airlines amid soaring fuel costs, leaving them little choice but to further hike ticket prices.
Make changes or enter new information using red ink.
State that you will follow the model procedure or submit a copy of the model procedure with your changes indicated in red ink.
Make any revisions on an existing business card in red ink.
We're not suggesting you mark up your school books with red ink.
The counterfeit items have a sequence number printed in red ink in the top-right corner.
Each contact will be annotated in red ink on the clients lending closet receipt.
Red ink used in tables and print will not be distinguishable in film or paper copies.

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