red cabbage in a sentence

Example sentences for red cabbage

Some pigments in leaves--such as the reddish-purple in rhubarb or red cabbage--are not involved in photosynthesis at all.
Another favorite is the pork tenderloin cured in-house and served with braised red cabbage and mashed potatoes.
It is simple, with fresh red cabbage, and good carrots.
The chemical in beets and red cabbage is called anthocyanin.
The common indicator for an experiment described above is red cabbage juice.
Red cabbage, with a deep red-purple color, is delicious and attractive when shredded into salads and is also good for pickling.
Cut lettuce is often mixed with other types of lettuce or greens, shredded carrot and/or red cabbage to produce a bag salad mix.
Transcriptional regulation of anthocyanin biosynthesis in red cabbage.
Challenge students to put the liquids into categories relative to the color they produced when mixed with the red cabbage juice.
With each cooking method, your red cabbage will gain a unique flavor and texture.
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