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You'd reduce water use and end runoff by recycling water in a closed irrigation system.
Nearly lost it rinsing out a peanut butter jar for recycling earlier today.
One enterprising student was coming by to collect old cell phones from recycling donations.
One of the best things about buying or getting used things is the fact that you are recycling.
Apparently, a truck full of imported recycling materials had come unlatched.
Recycling plastic is tricky business, and many plastics are better off as garbage.
If rubber recycling hits a glut, there may be little choice.
However, much should be done on how to efficiently collect this plastic bottles and be delivered to recycling plants.
Recycling isn't as easy or magical as you and the right wing think tanks want you to believe.
People are recycling more mobile phones each year.
When the cell is depleted, it can be sent in a preaddressed box to a recycling facility.
It could also fit into the national recycling programs, since an infrastructure for collection and recycling already exists.
Reprocessing and recycling of fuel could be deferred since it would not be necessary in the short term.
There will be programs recycling used ereaders, too.
Some think that fluorescent light bulbs, recycling, and hybrid cars are the answer.
The market can optimize the recycling of aluminum for fuel use.
But, when it's finished it holds onto the lid so you can slide it into the recycling bin.
And years down the road, recycling a car will be easier when you don't have to dispose of hazardous materials.
They clog storm drains, tangle up recycling equipment, litter parks and beaches and threaten wildlife on land and at sea.
And even plagiarism is to be preferred to the recycling of mythical or distorted history.
As the importance of recycling becomes more apparent, questions about it linger.
So, when a book with a large print run flops, publishers end up with an expensive pile of recycling.
Dozens of wine and beer bottles beside a fully loaded recycling container await pickup.
Recycling bottles, cans, and newspapers is on any short list of simple actions for a cleaner environment.
Individual action for the environment often calls for small acts, and recycling serves as one of the best examples of that.
Many offer electronics recycling, depending upon the type.
For example, many mobile phone stores have a bin to toss your old phone into for later sorting for donation or recycling.
Yet recycling, under the current system, is less benign than it sounds.
Sign up for your community's curbside recycling program if one exists.
In your home, set up recycling bins so it is easy for all family members to participate.
Incomplete composting lowers the value of the finished product and makes recycling and composting more costly.
Set out cans and bottles for neighborhood pickup, or exchange them for cash at a recycling center.
Take oil to a local recycling center or gas station that accepts used motor oil.
Any driver who has been stuck behind a milling machine has seen pavement recycling in action.
It is sharing technical knowledge on sewage-lagoon management, water-quality monitoring, and recycling.
But even taking increased recycling rates into account, humans' plastic use over the past two decades has increased.
UN says green economy depends on metal recycling oversight.
While finding a new home for your old gear is preferable, recycling is also an option.
In addition, recycling the heavy metals in batteries is a difficult task.
But in a world that's having trouble providing enough water for everybody, recycling makes sense.
There has also been great progress towards nutrient recycling, composting, and water efficiency.
It costs money to build recycling plants and clean energy facilities.
Answering the questions about reprocessing or recycling spent nuclear fuel remains an open debate, the commission notes.
The astronomical system is closed in itself, including replicates by recycling itself.
Contractors have simply paid the village to operate their garbage-recycling business.
What happens to garbage and why recycling is important.
Place recycling carts with metal bar facing the road for easy automated pick-up.
In some cities and urban growth areas, curbside recycling is mandatory.
Companies rely on recycling programs to provide the raw materials they need to make new products.
Recycling is one of the best ways you can help to protect the environment.

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