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It's also a chance to teach the lessons of reuse, recycle and remake.
Today they also remind us to reduce, reuse and recycle.
Restaurant workers regularly filter and reuse the oil in the deep fryer, and home cooks can recycle cooking oil, too.
Taxes, fines etc should be enforced to encourage everyone to reuse and recycle.
We should look to which way is actually going to encourage reduce, reuse, and recycle.
The need to reuse and recycle raw materials has never been as urgent as it is today.
We use cloth diapers, support local organic farmers, and do the reduce-reuse-recycle thing.
Power plants do recycle and reuse the heat by product until it no longer is feasible.
Don't forget that this holiday encourages everyone to recycle, reduce and reuse.
Consumers now have many options to recycle or donate for reuse their used electronics.
No, the company does not recycle bottles, cans or paper.
Also, now is the time to take those aluminum cans that have been building up into a pyramid to the recycle bin.
In this family workshop, learn how to recycle paper and other materials to make gifts.
If you want to recycle leaves for compost or mulch, rake them up and run them through a shredder.
Her utility offers a low income refrigerator exchange program in addition to a standard refrigerator turn-in and recycle program.
Other parts, however, deserve a cathartic trip to the recycle bin.
Clean up amalgam technology yes, but first recycle batteries from all your household gadgets.
You've become at an expert at identifying what plastics you can and cannot recycle.
Recycle your own newspapers, magazine pages, or junk mail as gift wrap.
But his device doesn't require people to collect and process the refuse, and uses little energy to recycle it.
She figures she should probably recycle these things, she says, but she is not sure what to do with them.
There is no reason why both places should recycle the same proportion.
Store the bulbs someplace safe until you can recycle them.
Places that will recycle your obsolete electronics-and they might even pay you for it.
Locals can also drop off their gently used furniture to reduce and recycle and give quality pieces a second life in a new home.
Rinse the can and lid and put both in the recycle bin.
Fifth, help your parents discard or recycle as much of their belongings as possible and designate recipients for the rest.
Hence the pressure on semiconductor firms to recycle their effluent-as much for conservation as for health reasons.
And the increase in the use of plastics often supplants other materials which are easier to recycle.
Crafting is less expensive when you recycle materials and also is a good way to keep usable items from ending up our landfills.
Recycle a broken skateboard or surfboard into garden art.
In response, programs were started at train and subway stations to recycle the huge number of newspapers left there.
But the stability of melamine resin makes it almost impossible to recycle.
In nature, nutrients recycle efficiently on their own.
But no one has figured a way to make it worthwhile to recycle regular alkaline batteries.
Now, at a fundraiser at a small-town golf club, he is preparing to recycle his stump speech once again.
Apple has introduced a program to take back old electronics and recycle them responsibly.
People are encouraged, for instance, to recycle the plastic water-bags that pile up in the streets.
In many cases you can recycle your old phone at the same time you purchase your new phone.
The batteries can go to a rebuild or recycle center.
These days dorms compete to turn out the lights and recycle.
The bottom line is that programs to recycle wallpaper do not exist, because they are neither successful nor cost-effective.
The rest of this propaganda piece belongs in the same recycle bin.
If your electronics are broken beyond repair, you can recycle them through special programs.
No doubt there are cases where it makes good business sense to recycle.
Their goal is to recycle trade surpluses and prevent their own currencies from strengthening against the dollar.
When purchasing a product, check the number on the bottom of the container to make sure your municipality can recycle it.
Investors will simply recycle their existing holdings.
They, in turn, recycle the phones through various programs that pay the nonprofits a small fee per phone.
Not to mention that some have stipulations on what they will and won't recycle.
One of the best ways to conserve water is to buy recycled goods, and to recycle your stuff when you're done with it.
US citizens also recycle large amounts of paper each year.
Some manufacturers offer trade-ins and rebate programs so you can recycle what you no longer want to use.
Local efforts to recycle plastic bags and promote reusable bags are gaining momentum.
But the great thing about compost is that you can recycle it.
Choose recyclable products and containers and recycle them.
Many orb-web spinning spiders actually recycle their silk.
Dell executives reiterated their promise to stop using prison labor to recycle computers.
We'll learn how to recycle the fuel better and better.
Sovereign-wealth funds are a way to help recycle emerging-market surpluses.
First this was only done by individual recycle freaks but now you can buy them pre-fab in do it yourself stores.
Ditto those who recycle more often or throw out less, compost and watch their personal environments.
We don't recycle nuclear fuel because spent fuel is valuable and people steal it.
Gray-water systems recycle water from sinks and showers for use in gardens.
Recycle denim from old jeans into a cover for a beanbag chair.
One possibility concerning other essential nutrients is that they may recycle within the reactor.
Your magazine will be on my kitchen counter for a week and then my roommate will recycle it.
But if you want to put your butts to good use, you can actually recycle them.
It takes much more effort, time and energy to recycle than to build from scratch.
Recycle the plastic, that would be more cost effective.
There are a lot of ways to recycle an old washing machine and this is only one of them.
Rapidly expanding in use, such tags may soon even report the amount of material in recycle cans.
If at the end of a product's life, you didn't recycle it, it's consumed.
Aluminum cans are easy to collect and recycle, but many people throw them out anyway.
If your family gets the newspaper, make sure you recycle it.
When you upgrade, you can recycle household electronics by donating them to a thrift store or a local charity.
Choose rechargeable batteries, then recycle them when they die.
Best of all, the chairs are easy to create and provide a perfect opportunity for you to recycle materials.
If your office doesn't recycle, or recycles only paper, find out why.
They also recycle, compost, drive hybrids or volunteer for environmental causes.
If you have any vanilla malted cookies left over, here is one way to recycle them into an elegant and light dessert.
Ardent environmentalists and hardened sceptics recycle at the same rate.
It runs vigorous campaigns encouraging its customers to recycle.
If people think others are recycling, or paying their taxes, they are far more likely to recycle and to pay their taxes.
The original investor can then recycle its money into new projects.
Critters that can recycle parts of themselves for fuel are better able to cope with lean times than those that cannot.
As a result, the ordinary pursuit of profits is an excellent guide to companies on whether to recycle.
Along with this, airlines should recycle whatever they can of the remaining out-of-date planes.
In their desperation to reinvent the world, they merely recycle it.
If a citizens want to recycle, does somebody shine a light over his head.
Some people would recycle back into the program after losing a job.
Think of soccer moms who recycle plastic bags and don't want their car taxes raised.
In fact, if you recycle, it will actually take longer.
If there is no way to recycle completely, it would be exhausted someday.
Even these plants could be designed to recycle the water with the proper condensers but that is a bit more expensive.
There have been a few efforts to recycle the heat generated by conventional data centers.
They can recycle used cooking oil to make the bio-diesel fuel.
As resources become scarce, more energy will be needed to create or to extract and recycle existing resources.
From a resource-management perspective, however, it takes less energy to recycle stuff into the same kind of stuff.
Please recycle this magazine and remove inserts or samples before recycling.
Then get a whiff when this goo is sprayed on nearby cropland, in an attempt to recycle it.
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