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Example sentences for recyclable

It's less wasteful to purchase a small bottle, and the containers are recyclable.
The combination of heat, motion and pressure cleans recyclable items, even washing off labels and glue.
Nuclear is clean, its recyclable and far more efficient than fossil fuels.
Lithium is a renewable, recyclable metal, totally unlike oil.
Nearly all the material in a spent fuel rod is recyclable or easily handled.
It uses fewer toxic solvents and cleaners and can be carried out with many recyclable materials.
If the panels are not recyclable, then its not renewable.
Yes, the sleeves are recyclable, but that still takes a lot of energy to do.
Paper bags are heavier--and therefore use more fossil fuel during shipping--although they are biodegradable and recyclable.
Real trees are renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.
One of the problems is that airports have been reluctant to change their infrastructure to accommodate recyclable materials.
Or imagine truly recyclable plastics that could be returned to their raw materials after the user throws them away.
Its also full circle recyclable needs no fertilizers and barley any water so it cause grow almost anywhere.
And while steel cans are recyclable, recycling requires energy inputs, too.
Recyclable carpet installed in panels to make for easier, less expensive replacement.
With e-readers, there's that tricky question about what happens to the non-recyclable parts.
Environmentally friendly hotels use reusable, recyclable and otherwise ecologically responsible products.
There would also be penalties for those who put recyclable or compostable material in landfill-bound bins.
US citizens do better with recycling paper than any other recyclable, with the exception of auto batteries.
But there's a big difference between recyclable and recycled.
Surprisingly, anything is recyclable if there is a market for it.
Recyclable products can be collected and remanufactured into new products after they've been used.
Requirements for storage and collection of refuse and recyclable materials.
These items below are recyclable but should not be included in your recycling cart.
Sells recyclable bags, reusable coffee mugs, and uses paper coffee cups and deli bags.
Only by creating a need for recycled material will markets grow for collected recyclable materials.
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