recurved in a sentence

Example sentences for recurved

The only thing that doesn't fit with my hypothesis is the recurved carnivore teeth that seem to be evident.
Stems consist of canes with broad-based, recurved thorns.
Plant: multi-stemmed shrub, sometimes climbing vine, with arching stems and recurved thorns.
Non venomous snakes have tiny, recurved teeth that are useful for holding and swallowing prey.
Showy, recurved plumes are present on the back during the breeding season.
The abundant stiff recurved leaves near the end of the branches give the plant a bushy appearance.
Sensitive plants include species of annual saltbush and recurved larkspur.
The seed is readily distributed by wildlife and visitors due to recurved barbs on the seed which attach to fur and clothing.
Attachment by means of a retractable proboscis that has sharp recurved hooks or spines.
The flowers have reddish- or brownish-green campanulate hypanthia and recurved sepals.
Tips of forewings are extended backward and form recurved hooks.
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