recursive in a sentence

Example sentences for recursive

Its solution requires what mathematicians call a recursive sequence of moves.
Recursive functions is a topic of built-in ongoing interest to anyone stuck with a human mind.
But although it learns from a big body of data, it lacks the recursive qualities of spell-check and search.
Recursive models are not new and suffer from the flaw that the bangs and the crunches are not symmetrical.
Many plants follow simple recursive formulas in generating their branching shapes and leaf patterns.
And the recursive nature of this process means that multiple equilibria are possible.
Readers have to uncover the control flow by reverse-engineering the recursive calls.
And being a commenter myself makes the whole thing impossibly recursive.
He presented an alternative approach to recursion theory using graphs of recursive functions as recursively enumerable sets.
Axiomatic theories can express more than recursive mathematics.
No limit is placed on the number of recursive calls.
The author provides an introduction to a recursive formulation of the series expansions of the underlying integrals.
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