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Example sentences for recurrent

Symptoms vary depending on whether the outbreak is initial or recurrent.
The police have proven peculiarly inept at stemming sporadic but recurrent bouts of sectarian strife.
Curbing high gas prices with recurrent economic slumps is probably not the smartest of remedies.
Study casts new light on the brain mechanisms behind recurrent bouts of intense anxiety.
Most of the problems were found in on-the-job and recurrent training.
Three-quarters of the government budget goes toward recurrent expenditure, including salaries.
But it takes no account of depression that is recurrent and unrelated to life events.
Deep economic upheavals are infrequent but recurrent.
These sort of mistake are recurrent and really ludicrous and should be pointed out as such.
The payoff would be recovering desert land for agriculture and ending the recurrent food insecurity in that area.
None of the recurrent enemies had the fortune to discover the hemlock, which could forever be rid of them.
Nowhere has that friction been more recurrent than in matters of the heart and the bedroom.
Recurrent stimulation wouldn't help an economy which has basically lost all it's inherent confidence.
Patients present with recurrent bouts of moderate or severe midline abdominal pain lasting up to three days.
Bulimia is marked by recurrent episodes of binge eating followed by self-induced-vomiting.
The cause was a recurrent rupture of his thoracic aorta, his family said.
He had been suffering from several ailments, including recurrent pneumonia, for several years.
Zombie parties are a recurrent feature of electoral democracies.
There has been no recurrent melanoma or metastatic disease.
The poet's chronic heart disease is a recurrent concern.
Money is a recurrent theme in his letters, particularly toward the end of the month.
The recurrent branches arise from the concavity of the deep volar arch.
Recurrent inflammation of the biliary duct and stricture can occur in some patients.
Antibiotic creams may help recurrent or persistent styes.
The health care provider may recommend bed rest, eye patching, and sedation to reduce the likelihood of recurrent bleeding.
The recurrent criticism of fusion is that its promise has always been decades away.

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