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Whatever course you choose, as you move forward be alert to the possible recurrence of your depression.
The discoverer of buckyballs has recently suffered a recurrence of lymphatic cancer.
It may mark the recurrence of a period of increased sun spots, with the invariable accompaniment of increased solar radiation.
The firm has since taken steps to prevent a recurrence.
There are also malignant complications, which in his case could be a recurrence of his tumor that he was treated for.
So you'd think that the meat industry would want to do something about its recurrence.
Scientists think weakened immunity in the aftermath of cancer surgery might promote recurrence later.
All these efforts will help to prevent the recurrence of violence.
Hopefully modern medical science will prevent a recurrence of such an event.
But it is a recurrence of the old and deep-seated malady of colonialism.
Some act as part of the immune system's memory, so that it can respond quickly to the recurrence of an infection.
Other than the nose spot, the records indicate no recurrence or spread of the cancer to other parts of his body.
These cells are also thought to play an important role in chemotherapy resistance and cancer recurrence.
Several factors are used to determine the risk for recurrence and the likelihood of successful treatment.
Depression is often chronic, with episodes of recurrence and improvement.
Recurrence is common, but attacks can be years apart.
Nobody wants to see another human being suffer a recurrence of cancer.
People with colon cancer who exercise may reduce their risk of a recurrence.
Interventions for helping people recognise early signs of recurrence in bipolar disorder.
Long-term complications include stone recurrence and abscesses.

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