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But he said such diseases may recur later in the same or other areas.
Eating disorders that were considered long overcome would suddenly recur.
The activity commonly dissipates the anger, which may or may not recur depending on the cause.
It is a little remarkable, the regularity with which political cycles recur.
Though large-scale protests have been suspended for now, they will recur once debate on the security bill resumes.
The complex factors that inform it have a tendency to recur in other guises.
Some of the initial difficulties such as computer glitches are unlikely to recur.
The difficulties have tended to recur during periods of higher traffic, only to resolve during off-peak times.
But sometimes, clots recur after such drug therapy, largely from the clumping of blood cells known as platelets.
Give me leave to recur to the page of history, to warn you of your present danger.
The symptoms can recur after weeks or months, for a year or more.
It would take a much less hardline political mood than the present one for them to recur.
Tsongas has suffered tend to recur at unpredictable times.
DC has to understand that this was their last chance to get representation, and it won't recur.
Ulcers heal after patients take drugs that suppress stomach acid production but they often recur again and again.
But the themes recur and overlap, and some of the characters are linked.
The urge to urinate frequently, which may recur immediately after the bladder is emptied.
There, a dedicated technician tests the drive to see whether a detected fault is likely to recur.
But treatments do not always offer a definitive cure, and injuries can recur.
They say the effects of the two droughts are likely to be transient, but only if similar events do not recur anytime soon.
McHenry said the company has since taken steps to try to ensure that such behavior did not recur.
After all, you never know when one of those little meetings of life will recur in an important way.
Her living are hectically alive, her dead recur in furious memory.
They recur frequently, are difficult to treat and often require surgery.
But they are insufficient to get couples through the squalls of conflict that inevitably recur in the long term.
Such bouts of soul-searching, for sure, recur every winter when the cold and the holiday season coincide.
The thinking was that if the patient exerted himself too soon, the tear would recur.
Should insomnia recur after formal therapy ends, patients have the tools to make corrections on their own.
He added that the county believed the problems would not recur.
But the authors of the report also warned that the infection could recur and urged consumers to take special precautions.
Gardens, trees, birds and flowers recur often in his poems.
Although patients often recover from individual bouts without permanent damage, they can recur.
The same combination will probably recur in any future legislation, because each satisfies different and opposing interest groups.
And if those cells continue cycling, cancer can recur.
Within a few days they would begin multiplying, and the racking diarrhea would recur.
We do not weary of eating and sleeping every day, for hunger and sleepiness recur.
Such successes are not easily to be repeated, for they were based on temporary situations never to recur.
Before concluding, let me recur to biography as an art.
The test was final, for no other shock so violent and sudden could possibly recur.
The condition may recur but usually responds to treatment.
The downside to myomectomy is that fibroids may recur.
Depression is more likely to recur if the first episode was severe or prolonged, or if there have been prior recurrences.
The treatment is only moderately effective, however, since gallstones recur in the majority of patients.
Others have disabling symptoms that recur frequently.
But when the cataplexy began to recur, he was in trouble.
It does not change the treatment plan, improve survival or make the cancer less likely to recur.
Hopefully, should such a situation ever recur, that option would actually be open to us.
Without high levels of immunity in the population, outbreaks recur and recur.
Some of the familiar fifteenth-century features recur.
The same kinds of events recur regularly, and they never provoke criticism.
Throughout the discussions of the canonists, between the eleventh and the fifteenth centuries, certain central questions recur.
They recur with striking and mounting emphasis as the narrative shakes off its near-permanent hangover.
Details change from book to book, but a number of constants recur.
However, you can only modify meeting requests to recur if you created them.
What measures will be put into place or what systemic changes you will make to ensure that the deficiency does not recur.

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