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It is played by organising a sequence of falling blocks in a rectangular well.
It contains several hundred thousand microscopic mirrors arranged in a rectangular array.
Distinctions between glowing and rectangular television sets, computers and mobile phones are gradually disappearing.
They stored data and programs in the form of punched-out rectangular holes.
Rectangular holes in the tail show where the fabric coverings were torn away.
We follow a knot of workmen up the hill to rectangular pits shaded by a corrugated steel roof-the main excavation site.
The dress depicts not only horses and their tracks but also the rectangular drums used at the giveaway ceremony.
My idea was to bake a rectangular cake, cut it in half and create a two-layer dash-shaped cake.
The rectangular transom above the door to the street shone a dazzling white light.
His coffin sits on six rectangular stone blocks, feet facing north.
If you need rectangular planters, you can modify this design.
It's fun to see a composter that isn't square or rectangular.
Minutes later the aircraft begin their speed runs overhead on a rectangular course with no perceptible noise from the ground.
Use a rectangular piece of clear ice, and with hot flatirons melt a cavity large enough to hold the oysters.
Roll into a long, rectangular piece one-fourth inch thick.
Rectangular ribbon does not mean that there is no eruption it means that if there is no place to hold there is no place to spread.
He presents a hypothetical rectangular island with six countries.
In the second test the animals were placed in a rectangular maze.
To measure a horizontal plane of the torso, a rectangular frame of the same design was placed around the soldier.
Again, it's got an up-to-date look- rectangular, and covered with marble-look tiles made of walnut and mica.
It's got an up-to-date look- rectangular, and covered with marble-look tiles made of walnut and mica.
Make your teepee cover by cutting a semi-circular section from a rectangular canvas section.
There's a compact rectangular boiler, burner and grate, and a small steam engine on the right side.
It stands at one end of a long rectangular marketplace, lined on all sides with busy shops.
The vessel is a rectangular, three-decked ship reminiscent of a river steamship, with an open-air observation deck on the top.
The south end of the wreck is marked by a big rectangular boiler, which is a magnet for local fish.
Feed it into the small, yellow rectangular machine attached to the first pillar on the platform.
The algorithm used here recursively cuts an image into smaller rectangular pieces.
The jail, a small rectangular building of unhewn stone, is situated between the railroad track and the river.
Plug and rectangular vents are the easiest to install.
Have them fold the paper so that when opened there are four equal rectangular sections.
Among the objects found among his bones was a small rectangular ceramic seal depicting a jackal and nine bound captives.
The rectangular piece is still partly buried, and archaeologists can only see one of its sides.
Foraging birds excavate large, rectangular holes in trunks and logs.
Above the silos are rectangular storage containers containing gray ash to protect them from pests.
We came to a village of plain rectangular mud houses.
They often dig large, rectangular holes in trees to uncover their meals.
The colonists would have written on the tablet with a small, rectangular pencil made of slate with a sharp point.
Measure and cut a rectangular piece of colored paper so it fits all the way around the can.
Rectangular as a shoebox, the mud-and-stone tomb could not be more austere.
Furthermore, they've gone from the triangle sole grips to a rectangular grip with dots.
We were soon confronted by an immense series of ponds, round ones and long rectangular ones made of pink sandstone and mortar.
At night, long rectangular benches illuminate birch trees and encourage informal gathering.
But my building has rectangular shape with only one hallway, one stairwell, and one elevator.
Plans showed a rectangular space, split down the middle.
He made the room rectangular, because in his experience squares diminish the possibilities for coziness.
His face is square and strong-chinned, and the rest of him is rectangular.
Another ten volunteers pressed against its camouflaged exterior, eyes glued to rectangular window panels.
He slept in the living room, long and narrow with high rectangular windows blocked by trees.
The rectangular flatbreads are interesting combinations of foods.
They marched into the enormous camp, to a rectangular one-story building.
Eccentric canvas shapes accommodate the lines' departures from rectangular logic.
The main gallery spaces are almost, but not precisely, rectangular.
The newest works pair rectangular one-color canvases, one mounted diagonally across the other.
It is a rectangular tray on a metal base with a hand shaped depression on one side.
Mine would be a rectangular box with slightly rounded corners.
He unlocked the door to his workshop, revealing a large rectangular table with a movable microscope and a high-powered lamp.
These troughs are mounted inside a rectangular frame and can tilt in unison from side to side to follow the sun.
Both have large, rectangular bars going across their centers.
Its entrance was a carved rectangular opening, clearly not a natural formation.
If people were sending letters in rectangular envelopes, he would make triangular envelopes and send letters in those.
The people lived in rectangular houses held up by those posts.
If you zoom in really close the moon looks to have a rectangular shape around it.
Now note the rectangular bit to the left of the pulsar.
He and his colleagues recently built a more complex rat maze, a rectangular loop with a shortcut running through its midsection.
Shape the butter into a flat rectangular cake, pressing it gently to expel air and water.
The cakes are rectangular in shape for economical and easy slicing.
It is not a rectangular-box gallery where people show their work.
Or you see people with those long, rectangular faces.
Well, there's the small rectangular box attached to her belt that pumps insulin through a tube into her hip.
The color scheme of the dining room is sci-fi white, from the rectangular tables to the window blinds.
Rectangular ducts are easily shipped when broken down or nested.

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