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Example sentences for rectangle

Turn onto lightly floured surface and pat into shape of small rectangle.
Each test involved a jazzy rectangle crossing the screen either before or after a plain one.
Use these dimensions to cut a rectangle from the paper you are recycling.
You'll need a mighty big spaceship to make that rectangle.
Roll dough to a rectangle on a floured board using a lightly floured rolling pin.
Next it has him connect the lines across the top and bottom, resulting in a long rectangle broken into eight boxes.
Click and drag a rectangle around your state to zoom in.
Brush the exposed borders of dough on each rectangle with the egg wash.
The same thing happens when they're exposed to a long and narrow yellow rectangle.
Each column wants to exit the border of the rectangle on the side opposite from where it comes.
Simply place a square photo slightly above centre in a white rectangle an it is instantly recognizable.
Don't always use the camera rectangle to frame your picture.
Take the limit as the rectangle height goes to zero and the number of rectangles goes to infinity.
On a lightly floured board, roll each portion into a six-inch-by-four-inch rectangle.
Backlit wings show a light rectangle at the base of the primaries.
The red rectangle is textured, the golden disc smooth, mirrored.
Lightly oil your hands and shape dough into a rough rectangle.
Suspend the loop half-way down from the top border of the rectangle.
Cut a rectangle into the cylinder big enough to allow you to slip it over your pop-up flash.
Here's what you do: cut a long rectangle on white paper.
Peel potatoes and cut sides and ends flat so that potato is a solid rectangle four inches long.
Turn out onto a large sheet of plastic wrap, press the dough together and form into a rectangle.
She carefully arrayed slices of corned beef on a small rectangle of buttered bread, draping the meat over the sides.
The impeccable rectangle of linen, starched and untouchable, was another.
The long, long rectangle of a room has a glow, and so does everyone in it.
Place the dough on a lightly floured surface and pat into a flattened rectangle.
Roll dough lightly in flour, using your hands to flatten it into a rectangle about the width of your pasta machine.
In essence, the whole galaxy is a bar shaped rectangle with fuzzy edges and a few pink blobs embedded too.
For example, a circle and a diamond combined to form a wavy rectangle, while the sum of two circles was a diamond.
Near-infinity awaits on the other side of the magic rectangle.
He is in the center, they are lined up around him on three sides of a rectangle.
They are arranged in a rectangle with severe, angled corners.
Students will measure the length and width of a rectangle using both standard and nonstandard units of measure.
The sides of a bounding rectangle are parallel to the coordinate axes.
The clipping rectangle is in normalized device coordinates.
Drag the mouse, while depressing the left mouse button, on the blank canvas to draw the rectangle.
Zooms in to area represented by rectangle drawn on the map.

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