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The job consisted of taking the temperature every four hours of two to three foot long alligators- with a rectal thermometer.
The rats' rectal temperatures lowered after the injection, and the effect lasted for an hour and a half.
The facial tube is loosely attached to the rectal wall by areolar tissue in order to allow of distension of the viscus.
The first two tests were performed by digital rectal examination and then by prostate specific antigen testing.
But along with pleasure inevitably comes pain, and the rectal exam of driving appears to be parallel parking.
Pilots who are in the air throughout their careers have a higher incidence of colon, rectal, prostate and brain cancers.
Then came rectal cancer and a car accident that left his painting arm temporarily immobilized.
The first symptoms of ulcerative colitis are often rectal bleeding and diarrhea.
It used to be that doctors could check for prostate problems with only the rectal exam, but that was long ago.
He has colitis and he's had rectal bleeding for about three months.
The need for colostomies is higher after surgery for rectal cancer.
Radiation therapy is not usually used in early-stage colon cancer, but is commonly used to treat early-stage rectal cancer.
The digital rectal exam is used to detect an enlarged prostate.
Colon and rectal cancers can be detected early using the screening tests discussed below.
Place petroleum jelly on the bulb of a rectal thermometer.
Physical examination, including rectal examination, may reveal enlarged prostate or other urologic conditions.
Cancer that begins in the colon is called colon cancer, and cancer that begins in the rectum is called rectal cancer.

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I wish I had the voice of Homer To sing of rectal carcinoma.... more
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