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We usually think of art as essentially a recreational activity: as something that stands apart from the serious business of life.
But, historians and humanists also have a role to play in understanding natural and recreational sites that appeal to tourists.
These scholars get together occasionally and partake in a recreational way of the pleasures of mathematics.
Commuting to the place of work, taking family members to school and recreational activities or from sales call to sales call.
Today the number of recreational fishermen are rising as many stocks suffer from dramatic decline.
To understand how the recreational drug plays tricks on the mind, neuroscientists gave it to lab rats.
She has earned a college degree and holds a job as a recreational therapist in a retirement community.
Any tobacco, alcohol, or other recreational drug user would disagree with you.
Issues such as frequency of parental recreational drug use.
Food and lodging are free, as are extensive recreational facilities.
Library and computer facilities are excellent and students have access to all the university sports and recreational amenities.
But the past ten years have seen a rapid increase in recreational use of prescription drugs.
So it's not really about recreational drug use, or all recreational drugs would be prohibited.
Supposed recreational benefits are often hugely overstated.
Recreational genome sequencing for the whole family.
Yes, it's been a week of dangerous and deadly adulterants showing up in recreational drugs.
In addition, reservoirs may offer recreational opportunities, such as swimming and boating.
Practice responsible boating, kayaking, and other recreational activities on the water.
Human-powered vehicles these days might bring to mind recreational contraptions for garage tinkerers or the green-minded set.
And there are still other benefits: opportunities for parks and recreational areas.
The weekly rush to the cottage is not leisurely, nor is the compression of various recreational activities into the two-day break.
Recreational programs, in which therapists take her into the community to help her build her social skills.
Professional golf coverage, plus advice for recreational golfers.
We understand the initial allure of recreational drugs pretty well.
We've seen relatively flat sales in our recreational adult trikes and recreational bicycles.
Physiologists are fretting over an increasing focus on extreme exercise among some recreational athletes.
Avoid alcohol, marijuana, and other recreational drugs.
Recreational athletes for whom pain made the pursuit of fitness a constant trial find themselves liberated.
With this in mind, huge investment is being made to develop the city's hotel, leisure and recreational infrastructure.
Wind power is fine, but turbines should not be placed in the middle of a recreational area that depends on tourism.
Plus the area has lots of parks and recreational facilities.
Punk follows the straight-edge lifestyle, meaning he stays away from alcohol and other recreational drugs.
The area is home to several natural attractions and sites that cater to recreational enthusiasts and adventure seekers.
Recreational therapists help people who are injured to get active again.
Information for anglers on the recreational marine fishing registry.

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