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In this example you can see the normal process of recovery from trauma reflected in the client s dreams.
We can actually care about the health and recovery of our colleagues and wish them the best.
We out unsuspecting souls so that they can begin the slow process of recovery.
At the industrial level, the biggest contributors to the recovery have been autos and health care.
Manufacturing is one of the bright spots of a generally disappointing recovery.
The recovery was somewhat more than he'd bargained for.
Taken together the data are suggestive of a recovery in housing driven by renters.
In fact, scientists are stunned at the area's recovery.
May show partial defoliation after a cold snap, but recovery is rapid.
Given that, his recovery time wasn't stellar, depending on what was done.
To speed that recovery up a bit, do try to rest as much as you can.
The beginning of the end may be in sight, but recovery is some way off.
They gave him stories from history and also solace during his long recovery from polio.
Frost damage with quick recovery possible in climates specified for each species.
Sixty percent reduction in post-exercise recovery time.
Other signs that the recovery has slowed to a crawl are mounting.
So do recovery times and the long-term effects on athletes' brains.
Second, the time the recovery took has been greatly overestimated.
Maybe that's part of the big picture too--creating disasters and mucking the recovery.
At the time, she was fighting cancer and hoped to celebrate a recovery by purchasing the stone.
It uses a kinetic energy recovery system, and instead of a battery, the energy is stored in a flywheel.
The manufacturing industry will be central to our recovery and sustained job growth.
Surgeons often give it to their patients to speed recovery.
Willingness is a core concept of addiction recovery programs-and a paradoxical one.
Many might have even said that recovery was impossible.
Until the market recovers, the entire recovery is imperiled.
If and when a recovery materializes, look for them to rise again.
Within four months, mice that had been transplanted with human stem cells showed long-term recovery of motor function.
Back from the brink of extinction, the endangered whooping crane is making a slow recovery.
They told amazing stories about the recovery of the lobster stocks and how they turned the corner to sustainable fishing.
Things are moving so quickly in there that few noticed my problem or recovery.
They provide excellent services for recovery of dependency.
Every business should have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.
Disaster preparedness and recovery also need to be considered.
The ocean floor will have to house recovery complexes and the hydrocarbons may have to be transported to land via pipeline.
It is major surgery, and it does come with a longer recovery time.
As the gold supply began to dwindle, new methods evolved for recovery.
But now a drought threatens the ancient wetlands' recovery.
When yours does, unless you have a backup, you'll find yourself facing expensive data recovery services or worse: lost data.
The energy recovery system uses a flywheel to store energy rather than a battery.
Some stem cell recipients have indeed told tales of unexpected recovery.
The stride is divided into three phases: the slap, the stroke, and the recovery.
If the new approach speeds patients' recovery time, it might also prove more economical.
She had an operation to remove lesions from her uterus and kidney, followed by a long recovery.
We are confident of the success of this major venture in world recovery.
The basic thought that guides these specific means of national recovery is not narrowly nationalistic.
When fatigue sets in, recovery is needed, and this can only be effected by rest and nourishment.
While education should figure centrally in conversations about economic recovery, they never seem to at the national level.
But economic recovery will not make the trend disappear.
It's uncertainty about whether the economic recovery is going to stick.
Then, in his late fifties, he made a dramatic recovery.
If the economic recovery continues, the participation rate will pick up again, but slowly.
Normally a rising stock market precedes recovery from a recession.
Their tale of slow, steady recovery reflects the changing landscape of autism today.
High-dose injections could speed the recovery of his hemoglobin count.
Recovery is heavily ideologized and there's tons of money in it, so discussions tend to veer off into dogma.
Survival and recovery depend on where each species fits into the network of ecological interdependencies.
They want to test the parachute-based recovery system for the reusable first stage.
The test flight was the first ever orbital reentry and recovery mission by a commercial space company.
However, in general, if caught early it can be treated and the patient can expect a nearly complete recovery.
In other words, in this instance, medical knowledge and economic recovery will advance simultaneously.
The first step in any recovery is for output to stop shrinking.
But the more interesting question is what shape the recovery will take.
Exports remain weak and the government fears premature tightening could derail the recovery.
Until that happens, it's unlikely that that the sluggish economic recovery we're seeing right now will improve much.
Yet even the luxury industry's boosters did not expect such a cork-popping recovery.
We haven't seen similar declines in this recovery, and there is no indication that things will change in the foreseeable future.
Some forecasters say cheerily that the world economy is likely to make a sprightly recovery.
The road to recovery is fraught with peril, but now is the time for a more balanced, humane policy.
The survivors go to war in return, which provokes more of the same in a circular dive that spirals beyond recovery.
On the first anniversary, experts see signs of recovery-but say it's too early to know the true damage.
Indeed, some of his early photography after the accident was damaged beyond recovery.
Expedition participants celebrate the recovery of a core from the deepest hole drilled.
By almost any measure, the economic recovery is in full swing.
It is not correct that the recovery times are the same for both procedures, particularly in older patients.
The recovery for minimally invasive surgery is much faster normally.
To date all the improvements in oil recovery have been in changing the fluids or the orientation of the well bores.
The earlier that people with psychosis symptoms receive treatment, the better their recovery is likely to be.
Nevertheless, all experimental subjects recovered to relative normality within one or two nights of recovery sleep.
Disease and acidification coupled with warming can and has weakened some reefs past the point of recovery.
It maybe makes sense if the main purpose is home heating and maybe recovery of some organic chemicals which are distilled off.
To bad they won't be able to do it now and start us back to economic recovery, balance the budget and make millions of jobs.
Since these are small indigenous countries, they will collapse slower, and show rapid signs of a false recovery.
It is also a way that donors and members of the public can track progress in the relief and recovery efforts that continue.
It elegantly maximizes storage space, but it can also complicate data recovery when a computer crashes.
But significantly increasing oil recovery will require new technologies.
However, the high-risk variant group also showed the best chance of recovery.
The screaming set back a dozen other people in the outpatient recovery area.
Your energy recovery efficiency calculations are wrong.
How about the land destroyed by the recovery of the resources.
Little amplitude recovery is expected for two solar cycles.
But it is now apparent that these programs were not sufficient to create the conditions for a full economic recovery.
Knock on wood, the labor market is moving into full-on recovery speed.
Once luxury companies start rebounding, that's generally a positive sign for economic recovery.
The housing recovery is locked behind a thick wall of vacancies.
Recovery can mean taking a day off or working at a lower intensity.
Encouraging news on home sales and durable-goods orders do not a recovery make.
With employment in double digits and a full recovery a way off, lawmakers are looking for ways to boost employment.
It had to make synthetic amino acids needed to speed the recovery of wounded soldiers.
But unadulterated optimism was kept in check, lest unfinished business and unpredictable shocks chill the recovery.
The recovery has been shaky, but make no mistake: it has begun.
Even with stop-gap measures, though, recovery will be slow and painful.

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