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Recoverable concentrations can be found in several minerals, such as bastnaesite and monazite.
Nothing except his surname appears recoverable with regard to the author of this truly noble poem.
Suddenly the amount of potentially recoverable natural gas resources from shale deposits skyrocketed here, and around the world.
Also, because sectors may have been reused from the middle of the file, only parts of the file may be recoverable.
Now you take the dual actuator failure that doesn't match the flight profile, and is also fully recoverable.
It is lighter than air and so is not recoverable once it escapes into the air.
If a space probe is not recoverable it should not be sent off.
The only means to test it would be with physical specimens which are lost and not recoverable.
And protecting your data also involves keeping it available and rapidly recoverable.
It is likely that, even if accurate, only a small proportion of such reserves might actually be recoverable.
Errors will be made over a lifetime--hopefully they are small and recoverable.

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Much verse fails of being poetry because it was not written exactly at the right crisis, though it may have been inconce... more
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