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But a lot of these parasites die inside the woolly bears, and the hosts recover in good health.
If conditions don't improve, they fail to recover their algae and eventually die.
To help let them recover, try these other tasty choices.
Also steer clear of lightweight or shriveled bulbs, since these may have lost too much moisture to recover well.
Bamboos usually recover well from snowfall, but it varies a lot by variety.
And then it would take decades for the turtle to recover after such a plan was implemented.
With new, turtle-excluding fishing nets and better protection of their nesting beaches, the species has begun to recover.
It's not exactly routine to recover genetic material from an extinct species, but there is a standard method.
Our expedition hoped to recover its remains, to no avail.
Eventually, they got her a room of her own where she could recover.
Because all the sick do not recover, therefore medicine is not an art.
We had to do with a case of complete paralysis on one side, and at eighty years of age few people recover from it.
It was curious to see her gradually recover her former self.
If he be sick with joy, he will recover without physic.
As it was, he felt compelled to retire up the caƱon until he could recover his gravity.
Her nerves began to recover from the shock they had received.
He appreciated its importance, and hastened to try to recover the line from us.
When that happened, the sufferer would feel a refreshing coolness and probably recover.
Advance planning and backup systems allow colleges to recover data.
To be sure, those wealthy universities will recover and flourish.
After you submit the manuscript, and then recover from any scathing reviews, go back to it.
Even people lucky enough to have jobs and plenty of time to recover from financial losses feel guilty.
Scientists have now shown that fish, once shrunken by selective harvesting, can recover their size over generations.
It was more difficult to get over the nightmares than to recover physically.
Microbes currently are used in mining to help recover metals such as gold, copper and uranium.
Fish that live for several decades, such as red snapper and groupers, can recover from such a punch.
The humble organ may help us recover from serious infections.
Mining companies use microbes to recover metals such as gold, copper and uranium.
Patients who do not--or cannot--comply with their doctor's orders may not recover from the disease.
Once the plane is actually stalled, dropping the nose is required to recover.
After the investigators obtained the necessary data, they had to recover the collars.
Together, those dams coming out would allow the salmon fishing industry to recover.
And, the former group can recover from surgery without major scarring.
Their ongoing annual expeditions to this area continue to recover important hominid and faunal remains.
Previous research has suggested that human stem cells can help rodents recover from spinal injuries.
My bull terrier jumping into the swimming pool to recover her tennis ball.
Certain polypores may be useful in treating immune diseases or in helping cancer patients recover.
Bring along a pair of earplugs, too, for the long daytime naps that you'll need to recover from the ayahuasca ceremonies.
But the labor market is still struggling to recover.
Some of the sectors that began to recover also point to a stronger auto industry.
Still struggling to recover from a deep recession, growth has resumed at a modest pace, but the recovery has been slow and uneven.
For the labor market to recover quickly, job openings should rise even above pre-recessionary levels.
The typical worker who lost a job and found a job in the last four years didn't recover his old wage.
They're doing their utmost to recover from a devastating earthquake.
Even if the housing market appears to stabilize in coming months, home values will not likely recover for several years.
Another story is circulating in which the economy faces that demand shock but fails to recover because consumers are too indebted.
And it is not only display advertising that is starting to recover.
Many people look at the unemployment rate and wonder why the economy is taking so long to recover.
Only a few wrecked buildings are being excavated-some of them belonging to shop-owners seeking to recover their stock.
Once on board the wool will be pressed to recover the oil and then reused.
Patients tend to recover more quickly from such procedures than they would going under the knife.
Consequent cuts in production mean that prices and profits may recover this year, so long as people don't stop eating his fish.
The collapse in commodity prices last year has diminished them a bit, but many expect their popularity to recover.
On top of this, their public spending for social programs and education and such will only start to recover many years from now.
Borrowers have to recover from the biggest credit bubble in history.
None of the main parties has offered a compelling alternative for how to recover from the disaster.
She is not aware, she cannot communicate and she will not recover.
As the bank struggled to recover, it set its sights high: its goal is to outperform its industry's average year after year.
And yet if the economy really starts to recover this summer a lot could change.
The weird thing is, as soon as you recover you're ready to dig in all over again.
Of course, none of this precludes the possibility that our frugal ways will endure even after the economy starts to recover.
Usually the illness lasts from three to six days, and people recover quickly.
She was given two weeks to recover her strength after the radiation.
These people seem unable to ever recover from having that trauma.
Legend has it that the student's voice didn't recover for days.
Describes how scientists pla recover tissue samples from the bodies--which may be preserved below the permafrost layer.
For example, with stroke patients, as they recover they become less depressed and more active.
He paused frequently to recover his train of thought.
Evidently the investigator tried to recover his balance.
Hybrid systems recover kinetic energy-from the engine or from the vehicle itself-and use it to boost the efficiency of the engine.
The remaining sludge is processed to recover cobalt, which is used to make battery electrodes.
Pants and shirts that automatically recover from this interaction at a reasonable price are a really good development.
According to the article, the lithium salts are trivial to recover.
During braking, the vehicles recover energy by recharging their battery packs.
They're now working on applying the same techniques to the robot so that it can recover from a stumble while walking.
In the later stages of physical therapy, the robot can nudge patients off balance to help them learn to recover.
Any intelligent species on those planets would have had ample time to recover from repeated social or ecological collapses.
The work of slogging through a spam trap to recover miscategorized messages is significantly reduced.
About half of people who suffer concussions quickly recover.
They recover from beatings as quickly as they throw off the effects of alcohol and drugs, and repeatedly return to the fray.
So in order for the machine to keep going it must somehow recover the heat energy it loses.
With a sip of the anti-venom, though, you'd recover in a week.
In two cases where the animals survived, they took weeks to recover.
If that many species disappeared, he says, it would take millions of years for biodiversity to recover.
Their vital functions slowed, they grew less quickly, and they took more time to recover from uranium exposure.
It implies that the patient is highly unlikely to recover, but it doesn't rule out the odds of such a recovery.
It can take weeks to recover from the surgery, and costs can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.
What's more, they seemed to recover more quickly from periods of sleep deprivation.
Second, they're acute illnesses: within a short time, you either die or recover completely.
But we're going to make sure you get the care you need to recover.
Other times he's so exhausted it takes him days to recover.
It would take years for the ozone to recover from that.
He concluded that it was less expensive to do these measures than to make millionaire projects to recover entire neighborhoods.
Did they recover the scram jet or is it in the ocean.
Suggested post-hurricane activities to help companies and facilities recover.
Investor turns to power of the press in bid to recover.

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