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Sometimes the only recourse is daily combing and nit-picking, and this may take some time to eliminate an infestation.
All this can be seen close-up, without a blind, without recourse to binoculars.
Nevertheless, people throughout time have found what seemed to them good reason for recourse to alcohol.
It is used as a recourse for people who have not had success with medications.
His only recourse was to make the tubs at home bigger and better, especially bigger.
If it failed, the next recourse would be surgery, which the doctor dreaded because of its high risk of mortality.
If one side feels it cannot win but has no other recourse then an insurgency will occur.
Landowners might be left with little legal recourse.
They are the civil method of recourse if you have been harmed by a giant corporation.
The crew had a much clearer view and repeatedly voiced their concerns, but found no recourse.
The effort to understand whether this has happened may turn out to be too great, leaving me with no recourse.
Electrically shocking the brain is often the only recourse for people suffering from severe, untreatable depression.
Most abuses can be traced to violations of property rights, especially by government with which there is no recourse.
So if you're feeling a little sluggish or off, try drinking some water as your first recourse.
There isn't any recourse for you, anyone to argue your case with.
It was grossly unfair, but they had no recourse because they didn't belong to a group.
And yet the medical dictum says that for incurable diseases, the only recourse is prevention.
Until the board of trustees approves your contract, the rug can be pulled out from under you at any time with no recourse.
It's a job perk, but if you get fired over it you really don't have any recourse.
And it's possible to shut things down with no possible recourse.
And so the judge said he had no recourse but to send a message back.
Though possessing potent satiric gifts, he but rarely has recourse to them.
In average cases the ego, by having recourse to neurosis, obtains a certain inner advantage from the disease.
He appeals to our confidence by his constant recourse to his personal experience.
Neon answered, that his gods had no power if they were not able to defend themselves without having recourse to his authority.
Have recourse therefore to him, and he will direct thee to the object of thy desire.
The government has flirted with changing the law to limit lenders' recourse to the value of the collateral pledged.
Subscribers would cross the limit, have their service cancelled, and be provided no recourse.
However there is recourse that is as powerful as compounding interest promotes investment growth.
Economics in particular has all the trappings of a scientific discipline, including regular recourse to mathematical modeling.
Replaceable parts preserve the majority of the recourse but something needs to be done to use the material from the broken part.
My final recourse was to ask for a refund for the unused portion of my ticket.
Using a credit card offers renters some recourse if there is a dispute after the rental over the return of security deposit.
With no turning back, they had only one recourse, to hold to their plan.
There was no recourse to the police, who were criminals themselves, and completely without power.
But the author also makes recourse to other methodologies to explore more than simply population level variation.
It consumes more and more tissue until the only recourse is amputation.
They are often restricted from dipping into their principal, so their only recourse is to reduce spending.
Yet even many parents have a difficult time managing this without recourse to gender stereotyping.
The relevant point here is that you're only recourse is name calling.
She seemingly has no recourse when the landlord suggests he take it out in trade, and after that, the rest is history.
At a political rally, the rats decide their only recourse is to raise money and buy the wharves from the humans.
If they won't, one recourse is to vote them out of office.
The scariest thing about these kinds of interactions with the police is that there is no real recourse.
If one of the poker companies disappeared tomorrow and took all its customers' money with it, they'd have no recourse.
No matter where else you go--no matter how many times you try to relive the memory--you are left without recourse.
The syllable indicators painted right into the words suggested that the artist had recourse to a dictionary.
If someone steals that number and empties your bank account, you have no recourse.
When the media has gone this nuts, the only recourse is sometimes the law.
One recourse to this perceived spiritual vacuum has been that people are getting more and more interested in religion.
Abusers have no such recourse for a drug that acts so quickly that they often injure themselves immediately by falling.
The work ban extended to widows, who were left no recourse but to beg.
Fear not, if your car is damaged by a pothole in the city, you have recourse.
If an airline downgrades your ticket, you have recourse.
The type and treatment of the gain will depend on whether the mortgage is considered non-recourse or recourse debt.
If you believe that your vehicle was damaged during the tow, then your recourse is with the company that towed your vehicle.

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