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The subsidy would allow the manufacturer to recoup its investment and earn a profit.
None of the money made by used book sales goes back to the publisher to recoup development, marketing, and production costs.
The strategy is profitable in the long run only if the predator can recoup the losses later.
No one seeks to recoup the installation costs or to make a profit.
Instead, the company intends to recoup those costs through music sales.
The families of the players will want to recoup their legal costs.
Earlier this year the utility raised rates to try to recoup some of those costs.
The only way to pay their salaries is to sell the drug and recoup that money.
But if something goes wrong, they cannot recoup and try again or another strategy.
To recoup their investments, buyers want horses that will mature rapidly and win often.
Pharmaceutical companies have a right to recoup research and development costs and to a profit on the drugs they develop.
Walking away means there's no chance to recoup that money.
Operators, wanting to recoup their investment, could boost prices considerably.
The also can be configured to bill users so businesses can recoup energy and maintenance costs if they provide public charging.
And students can't recoup money by selling them at the end of the semester.
Lower the interest rate and recoup what they can pay.
If so, the economy will never recoup its losses, even after spending picks up again.
Stealing some of it allows those elites to recoup their investment and enrich themselves further.
Once the prices and stock were flushed out and the bank back to profitability then simply float them again and recoup the money.
Confident that he would be able to recoup his investment, he began to look for buyers.
It can sometimes take decades to recoup initial costs.
But for traditional scholarly publishers, open access makes it difficult to recoup the costs of producing manuscripts.
Adding batteries is a way to recoup energy from braking and add it during acceleration, or for use when taxing in confined spaces.
It could be possible that the following depression gives the body and brain a chance to recoup.
The government would recoup some of those taxes, through income tax on the hours not lost, through smoking related illnesses.
In this case, there will not be enough years to recoup the investment unless it is the only viable base load solution.
Naturally, the company will need to recoup its investment.
Although the two partners may eventually recoup their money, they are unlikely to re-team on future investments.
We all need a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life once in a while to refresh and recoup.
The few remaining firms have recently increased the price of certain vaccines to recoup some of the cost of litigation.
Because they have no research costs to recoup, manufacturers of generic drugs can charge much lower prices.
In the past few months, five cities have filed suits seeking to recoup policing and medical costs caused by guns.
In other words, the economics of information requires an imperfect market, so that innovators can recoup their investment.
Agency problems mean that landlords don't properly make their buildings efficient, as they don't recoup the benefits.
It's self-funded and sold either at a loss or only to recoup the cost of production.
He believes owners should pat themselves on the back if they're able to recoup a horse's livery fees through prize money.
Because these movies don't need to recoup millions of dollars at the box office, they can be distributed online to niche markets.
Thus the amount the department chooses to recoup in the next pay period is at the department's discretion.
The energy savings will recoup the modest price premium in about two and a half years.
Growing insurers will tend to over-recoup, and insurers with declining premium volume will tend to under-recoup.
The reason for the change at this point in the fiscal year is to recoup the current expenses of the program.
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