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Each single-author book is immensely particular, a story told as only one storyteller could recount it.
There are few chapters of human history which recount a grander story of human achievement.
Many high school counselors can recount some variant on the following story.
Through the years he would recount that story hundreds of times.
Now a contributor who had already reached the donation limit with a candidate could contribute also to the recount account.
All that stands in his path is a recount demanded by a candidate he beat by two votes.
Bush went to court and the court agreed that selective recount is not right.
Six college students recount their first time and how it ultimately shapes their future.
Most laws leave the determination of the recount threshold to the discretion of registrars.
As the protests continued, the ruling clergy said there would be a partial recount.
The paper ballot would also be used in a full manual recount.
It has also demanded a full recount of the presidential vote, though official results have not even been announced.
The generic term rumba gave way to the names of dances too numerous and ephemeral to recount.
As five lawyers involved with the case recount it, the rest of the meeting did not go much better.
The diplomacy in this audio-log is significantly missing in the recount of my experiences.
There were certainly too many highlights to try to recount now.
In a tight election, that arrangement could cast a shadow on any postelection troubleshooting or recount.
Industry executives recount tales of her dressing down staff.
Unless there is reason to suspect fraud, skip the recount and flip a coin.
The paper would then drop into a secure ballot box for use in a recount.
Each of the leading political coalitions in the election has either alleged widespread fraud or called for a recount.
They recount the discovery and offer prospects for vaccine, for therapy and for the epidemic.
One can recount only a small number of thinkers who have penetrated at all deeply into the problems of wit.
There is a recount for the gubernatorial election going on right now.
Filtering everything through legal or public policy frameworks leaves little but salacious tidbits to to recount.
It does nothing but breathlessly recount rumours without ever actually revealing their sources, references, or does any citing.
But they can certainly recount some of the history of that population.
He added that no federal, state or county races were overturned by the recount.
Local politicians responded quickly, and many all but demanded a recount.
Bearing that in mind, the main priority is simply to get it right-to count and recount.
Court records recount that he went into spasms of pain, but survived.
Some recount how paramilitaries killed family members or robbed them of their farms at gun point.
And they have paid as much attention to the public relations of a recount as its legalities.
It will be difficult to recount the starting lineup.
Hand-tooled leather-bound books recount arcane fairy legends.
In their own words, survivors recount how they escaped the floods and fetid conditions--and agonize over what comes next.
It was one of those stories you'll recount to your grandkids.
State law requires the recount of ballots in close contests.

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