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Owing to the disappearance of the early records of the city, the story of its first years can no longer be reconstructed.
The story is dark enough, drawn from the plain public records, to send a chill to any heart.
The drywall is made from recycled material, and the flooring material includes crushed vinyl records.
Fossil records from two million years ago show evidence of jaguars.
The records would reveal where and when the town's many twin births had occurred.
Records of ancient global climate change come mainly from ocean sediments.
The gamut of collections usually runs between personal letters, tax returns, financial records and sketch books.
While investigating an abandoned munitions depot, they found it stuffed with police records.
The cores will be pure time machines, without the complexities introduced by combining records of change from many places.
We do keep records on records in order to establish better recordkeeping of our records.
The research wing includes family history files and public records.
She studied ancient archives, census records, old newspapers.
She pulled it off through an elaborate system of records that held personal information on the straw students, court records say.
Both companies make popular-and expensive-software systems to manage student records.
In other words, the bibliography and citations can be formatted correctly even if you don't have access to the original records.
Few have flawed academic records or felony convictions.
Even after you've deleted your messages from your phone, though, records could still exist with your mobile provider.
One area where patients could become more involved is in the management of their own medical records.
And it's costly for them to hand out records one by one, so they have automated the process.
One the one hand, our electronic records are more voluminous than ever, drowning us in useless data.
Genetic testing will expand quickly and soon, adding highly targeted data to people's medical records.
Individual records are being set, at an increasing pace.
They crafted subtle and beautiful carvings and engravings and kept records by incising intricate notations on bone plaques.
Unfortunately, existing weather records do not allow for detailed scientific studies of extreme cold.
Patients should be able to determine who sees which parts of their personal medical and genetic records-with one exception.
Since records follow the news, disks celebrating the revival of folk-dancing are to be expected.
The data was remarkable for breaking a few records, none of them enviable.
Breaking flight records with green technologies has a long way to go.
Some of the archives' records have been published in scholarly texts.
Instead they culled data from national employment records and local population registers.
The currency is painfully strong and unemployment is at its lowest since records began.
The records for any registered property show who owns it, the date it was purchased and the name of any secured lender.
But voters may take more note of their records in office than of their campaign promises.
The data was remarkable for breaking a few records, none of them good ones.
They say that e-mail addresses are far less sensitive pieces of information than, say, medical or financial records.
E-mails, financial records and other databases are all subject to discovery.
But, despite hours spent poring through his fabricated trading records, they found nothing.
The band's punchy, tuneful repertoire is now ten records strong.
They danced, sang, traded records-the energy on the shoot was wonderful.
In his division, he's broken four national racing records.
If you ask about trends or records in temperature maxima, you're wrong.
During the experiment, kids had much better huffing track records than they had had before getting involved in the study.
He is more optimistic about the chief alternative to card-based electronic medical records: the cloud.
Cell phone companies are finding that they're sitting on a gold mine--in the form of the call records of their subscribers.
Your service provider records the duration of your call and the number dialed.
But light also records smaller sub-wavelength details in its evanescent components, which do not propagate.
He is giving proceeds from one of his biggest selling records to the campaign against drunk driving.
They're looking to get a couple of records out of somebody and then move on to somebody else.
Until a trial begins, there are no public records of the case.
The church has acknowledged in the past that auditors' records are kept in confidential files.
As they flee from the derailed train, the camera keeps rolling and records important footage that's used later in the film.
They should be evaluated and amplified from records and further interviews with participants still living.
In the cartoon world she creates, pictures function less as illustration than as records of action, a kind of visual journalism.
It also explicates successive accounts of the affair, from the original court records right up to a current movie version.
Whoever looked for some kind of sense in the records of the past was almost bound to look upon violence as a marginal phenomenon.
The historians attempt to arrange elliptical records from a mythicized past into a plausible story.
The board has kept less than one year of financial books, records and minutes.
Cell-provider records reflect which transmission towers nearest each phone were used for the call.
Any private eye or vandal can buy your mobile-phone records.
Provides information on records and forms management,and micrographics.

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