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Instead of recording light reflected directly, it records light that has been reflected several times on the way back.
Does anyone have thoughts on traditional tape recorders versus digital recording devices.
It will also features one-touch audio and video recording, as well as live-streaming capability.
In a lab environment, a book also makes an excellent surface on which to draw or write while recording data.
The newest microscope techniques reveal neurons changing shape in response to experience-potentially recording a memory.
Don't bump into any microphone stands if you're in a recording studio.
It was a beautiful day, good for pictures and video, but windy enough to interfere with audio recording.
My dream was to become a recording artist and have a career.
The preferred recording device is known as a laser vibrometer.
The satellite tags can also provide clues to the narwhal's diving habits by recording water pressure.
After the war he started experimenting with recording techniques, altering the pitch and resonance of notes.
Because it derives revenues from business as well as consumers, publishing is much more stable than recording.
What strikes me as particularly strange is the lack of formal recording of my departure.
The invention of recording allowed for vast economies of scale to accrue to the recording industry.
The shaky, grainy recording shows little, but the audio is telling.
They are recording and releasing free music without copyrights.
Hopefully cloud-cover data will improve with satellites recording the weather.
He made a quick recording and played it back, hoping to lure the animal to him.
Recording this kind of information over time is important.
They did this while still recording an interference pattern at each detector position.
It's tempting to think of recall as a video recording or some simple device.
Citizen scientists participate by counting pigeons and recording courtship behaviors observed in their neighborhood pigeon flocks.
It's a recording of repeating sounds, which our brains perceive as specific words.
Even a work of art could be considered a tool, creating and recording human culture.
There's no better live recording than one created during the night you attended.
The station is also performing a copy of the recording artist's work.
It is fascinating that the blog may have replaced the notebook as a way of recording the food, flowers and friends.
She is recording an album, developing a makeup brand, and designing a line of workout clothes.
She has never had a long-term relationship with a recording label, and she has never had a press agent.
He has been recording songs constantly-sometimes three or four a night.
It was a recording, but live voices rose to greet it.
The recording's grooves, seen through the microscope.
Digital recording is a music lover's dream but a music company's nightmare.
They then set the mice free to walk around a small enclosure or run on a wheel, recording their brain activity all the while.
Later she and her collaborators scanned the brains of a group of volunteers as they listened to a recording of her story.
Sonograms are made by emitting sound waves into the body and recording the reflected patterns.
Right now, we're working on recording the genomes of the ocean.
The way you get at the fundamental activity is by recording with electrodes in the brain.
At that point, they start recording at a higher resolution and send an alert over the network.
The website compares the recording to sung melodies that other users have entered in its database.
No current digital sensor exists that can come close to recording the dynamic range of the human eye.
The results of the recording industry going after thieves of their property, is that more artists are looking to other venues.
Much of the tape could be unchanged from a prior recording.
Then they drove around with a laptop computer, recording the sensor data.
If this is so, recording this information during an x-ray scan might indeed help doctors better delineate tumors.
The robot consists primarily of a flat screen monitor, with audio and video recording equipment.
The video appears to be a time lapse recording and not high-speed imaging.
The seventh block is for recording your own five seconds of audio.
Trump appears to have covered his head in a thick layer of billiards chalk before recording this video.
Even though you're always in recording studios, this past year you retreated from the spotlight.
He is wearing a beret and fiddling with a state-of-the-art video camera, recording everything.
My understanding is that an animated movie starts with everyone recording dialogue and then you animate after that.
In addition to tape-recording his interviews, he took copious notes in tiny, meticulous handwriting.
His eyes scanned the living quarters, recording the changes with his characteristic blend of calculation and resentment.
For a sound recording: the date recording sessions began.

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