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First, you could go with a portable digital recorder.
If you distrust the motivation for the recorder, and are tenured, ask.
Plug one end into the earphone jack on the recorder and the other end into the audio in jack on your computer.
Calling all studio heads and their housekeepers- keep a recorder and submit trailers to the appropriate agency at once.
Huff would sit at the upright piano in his office with a tape recorder rolling.
If you want a really super-duper digital video recorder, you have to build your own.
Plug in the charging cable and you'll also be able to start and stop the video recorder using the marker.
Users can also turn on an optional voice recorder to capture your own description of events.
Perhaps he spoke it into a recorder and a program converted speech to text.
It takes five minutes to hook up the recorder to laptop and upload the file to one's website.
Add audio captions to travel photos and mementos by using this innovative digital recorder and playback device.
If possible, bring a small recorder to capture these sounds.
One set is for the recorder and the other is for the project manager.
Try not to look at your notes or the audio recorder.
And even in this poorest group, half have a car and over three-quarters have a video-recorder.
The images are transmitted to a monitor or a digital video recorder.
One primitive example of such an arrangement is the digital audio tape recorder, which will not make copies from copies.
TiVo aims to make life easy for its digital video recorder customers.
Next time you have to memorize anything, let your recorder help.
He used a tape recorder, and by listening to the tape one could hear the song as it was being born.
He has a video camera and recorder which he uses to review their air-show acts.
In- stead, he usually dictates his scripts into a hand-held tape recorder.
When he was done, he handed me my tape recorder and didn't say anything else.
He speaks so quietly that my voice recorder gave up and turned itself off.
He jots a few notes, or mumbles his comments into a tape recorder, and then repeats the process to verify his impressions.
They need not be transferred far, but merely into position so that the photocell and recorder can operate on them.
He goes into trances in which he speaks into a tape recorder and plays back the resulting words as commands.
And poetry began with the voice as its only player and the ear as its only recorder.
We didn't even have a camera or a tape recorder or a written record of that event.
She pressed play on a tape recorder and the sound of traffic blared out of the little speakers.
The patient wears a data recorder on a belt with a sensor array.
Each one sat alone in a room with a recorder and video camera.
He progressed to become for a while the recorder of dreadful marriages, generally in his own family.
But it is a mistake to think that he turned himself into a tape recorder.
It consists of a bottom pressure recorder anchored to the seafloor and a moored surface buoy.
When the tape recorder arrived, they mailed off tapes to transcription services.
Then he speaks them into a tape recorder and hears them come back at him.
His first patent, for an electric vote recorder, taught him a lesson that would guide the rest of his career.
And they may well be handed a voice recorder and/or webcam and told to file audio and video too.
The plane did not have a flight recorder, nor was it required to have one.
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