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Still, she concedes that the quip could reasonably be considered the world's first recorded joke.
Telephone receivers at listening stations offer recorded narration about the exhibits.
Masks have been part of the human experience throughout recorded history.
The data she recorded contradicted the prevailing picture of how the world's highest mountains were formed.
What the neighbors thought is apparently not recorded.
He did something different with it every time he recorded it.
First, they recorded where and for how long the eyes of an experienced surgeon were fixed during a simulated surgery.
And yet even if they can shore up their position in recorded music, the big firms may find themselves sitting on the sidelines.
These sensors recorded data on customer-traffic patterns, to which was added further information recorded by human observers.
They recorded the weight of the mushrooms each gatherer collected and where they visited.
But the rise in the number of recorded cases is real enough.
The first recorded laws had to do with repayments and repossessions.
Another was to draw up a grid on which he recorded every pill he took and every session of chemotherapy.
Those frequencies matched the sonic peaks the team had recorded at sea.
To our knowledge, no one has ever recorded courtship behavior in honey badgers.
However, the great hammerhead's enormous size and fierceness make it potentially dangerous, though few attacks have been recorded.
Each side blasts opposing hillsides with patriotic music and recorded messages.
Whatever the case, he left the world of recorded sound a much richer place with his pastoral, meditative vocals.
He recorded the event in a beautiful inscription on the sandstone bluff.
Test takers' digital fingerprints, recorded by a sensor before the examination, are kept in an electronic database.
Tasks should be recorded in the active voice, and be phrased in action verbs.
Instead of writing papers, they recorded videos and left comments.
Some regions have no restrictions over this, while others may require consent from some or all of those being recorded.
Every action in your life is now recorded, no records are lost or erased and nothing is forgiven.
The researchers offered the insects wood blocks of varying sizes and recorded the sounds they made as they walked and chewed.
No single theory can explain the overall patterns recorded.
Three of them were the biggest flares ever recorded.
The scientists also recorded an unexpected amount of volcanic activity along the ridge.
The researchers also recorded the maximum and minimum daily temperatures, as well as the percentage of high-level solar radiation.
Our lives already rely on fragile information networks, and will soon be constantly recorded.
The tip's recorded coordinates are then used to produce the images.
Generally the name is recorded of the member who introduced a main motion, but not of the seconder.
It is true that this important law had hitherto been recorded in mechanics, but it had not been interpreted.
Even his little weaknesses and touches of vanity, recorded with exquisite humour are the defects of his qualities.
These things are seen with the naturalist's clear grave eyes and recorded in plain words with no attempt at oracular profundity.
And, as they thought no facts too light to be recorded, so they considered no age too dark for their investigation.
Our saint was remarkable for an eminent spirit of prophecy, of which many instances are recorded in his life.
Drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis are at the highest rates ever recorded.
Rather, they are recorded dry allowing you to adjust them after recording.
The volcanic island is of great archeological interest as the site of one of the biggest volcanic explosions in recorded history.
So the whole song is recorded so that it sounds weird and muffled.
Eventually, he got back to music, and recorded an album.
Grieving is a universal phenomenon across all human cultures, and has been throughout recorded history.
If the disciples offered a reply to this, it is not recorded.
Infinitely more battlefield details get recorded, and everyone has the tools to broadcast these details.
He took the money, bought some new equipment, and re-recorded the album back in his bedroom.
But when people buy recorded music, they don't want to maintain a single, secure copy.
No century in recorded history has experienced so many social transformations and such radical ones as the twentieth century.
The school is also experimenting with recorded or simulated lessons for topics they can't film as effectively on camera.
And finally, so many sensitive and articulate people recorded and distilled their experiences there.
They also invited the press to attend, and recorded all the sessions.
The number of times these two sentences have been sincerely spoken could be recorded only by a figure of astronomical magnitude.
When you buy a stock, that transaction needs to be recorded somewhere.
Going out was a performance and would be recorded in every paper.
It confirms, for instance, that all of the recorded aircraft collisions with terrestrial mammals have occurred on the ground.
These images were recorded with millimeter wave technology.
When everything that can be recorded is recorded, our means of protecting privacy must fundamentally change.
Low activity, as recorded by the accelerometer, suggests the wearer is sleeping.
Information can be recorded and read quickly and is retained even when the power is off.
The longer the hair, the more recorded history the researchers have to work with.
To develop the computer-controlled avatars, researchers first recorded interactions between patients and nurses.
These meters actually transmit the data every few minutes, though data is only recorded monthly.
The difference is that digital watermarking is specifically designed to be recorded and decoded by software.
They trained the software to understand particular accents using accurate transcriptions of short snippets of recorded speech.
We never recorded keystrokes, messages or any other personal information for diagnostic data and have no plans to ever do so.
Their argument was probably the first fully recorded case of a policy based on falling dominoes.
Rather, its function was to record opinions without the knowledge that they were being recorded.
It is usually less subtle than excellent colloquial speech, but it is recorded and it provides large coherent wholes to examine.
In one well-known physical experiment, tones played on a violin and on a flute were recorded and their transients interchanged.
Entertaining as all this faithfully recorded talk may be, there is something a bit eerie about it, too.
The subjects make decisions that can be precisely measured and recorded.
Yet there it is, the incident forever recorded, one small glimmer of the saint's vulnerable humanity.
The writer who recorded that salute is someone with a radical distrust of gestures.
Gone are the days of photographic plates that recorded the sky snapshot by painstaking snapshot.
We recorded their reaction times and found that responses were much faster when the participant was not attracted to someone.
On sporadic days over a period of a month, the sensors recorded every word spoken or heard by the subjects.
In this case, you were looking at the magnetic reversals recorded not under the sea but in the layers of rock in a mountain.
They recorded two events that they cannot fully explain as background noise.
But genuine cases do exist, and throughout the history of medicine, physicians have recorded cases of spontaneous remission.
She recorded the pressure made by the volunteers' feet using an electronic mat, and captured their movements on camera.
When the animals had moved, the team also recorded the alignment of the body prints that the resting animals left behind in snow.

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