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The ideal candidate will have post-doctoral experience in an applied area, with a strong track record in research and publication.
Strong teaching record, with experience in developing curriculum to use experimental learning to further educational goals.
The ideal candidate would be broadly trained, have a record of scholarly publications, as well as experience with labor movements.
The tools to record and distribute information about the world are too widely distributed.
Below you will find information on how to obtain a criminal record check for various purposes.
Results are in from the first stage of this summer's heat wave, and it's one for the record books.
And the higher-education establishment had to scramble to set the record straight.
Coral reefs are dying off at record rates, thanks to pollution, disease and global warming.
Measuring diversity in the fossil record can be a tricky task.
First, it's a track record for an electric vehicle of any kind.
The fossil record does not, however, show any indication of coal-fired power stations or heavy car use.
Lice are not the only successful parasites with a deep fossil record.
Three or four times a day, they would take the water's temperature and record it on a chart.
After each storm, check the gauge and record the amount on a garden calendar.
Several new devices let users record programs and listen to them whenever they want.
Proven track record in financial management with demonstrable record of financial stability.
To detect and record them would require constant vigilance of millions of stars over many years with hundreds of telescopes.
He showed how you could build a whole pop record around a rhythm and a rhyme.
There is a record of a white stork's nest that was in repeated use for hundreds of years.
Transcontinental record not only possible, but feasible.
In other words, photography that tells a story vs photography as an architectural record.
The record industry continues its claims that the sky is falling due to piracy.
Their faces will now live forever as well as some impersonal name in the record books.
Paleontologists are constantly reminding themselves of the incompleteness of the fossil record.
The fine print of its stated practices notes that in some cases, material is completely spiked from the record.
The university is seeing record enrollments and our research funding is up.
Music charts began as a way for record labels to market their acts.
These different hunting-and-gathering strategies left their mark in the archaeological record.
With each new incident of record monsoon floods, fires and earthquakes, more tremors shake the global economy.
UK astronomers have discovered a pair of stars twirling around each other at record-breaking speed.
Record of scholarship connected to teaching and sustainability issues.
Graduate and undergraduate enrollments are at record levels.
Each applicant's record of and potential for research will be evaluated.
Candidates must have a substantial record of academic leadership and management.
Spring on the central coast is always windy, but this spring has been one for the record books.
There is, on the contrary, no instance on record of an extensive and well-established republic being changed into an aristocracy.
Every one of our farmers expects to get financially healthy this winter because prices are high and yields are record breaking.
Bar owners are reluctant to go on the record about perceived slights, employee poaching, and outright plagiarism.
They would come by and play a record to decide if they liked it.
He aimed to show up at the right habitats at the right moments to bag birds he needed for a record one-year tally.
To answer such questions, you can look at the archaeological record and guess.
So despite its rather scanty record, the ruling coalition is popular at home and abroad.
Protection of privacy, and the desire to allow offenders a second chance, hamper efficient record-keeping.
Enjoy this new type of record entertain- ment today.
Tells about their performance this year, which is not as commanding as their record implies.
History had been the record of growth, conflict, and destruction.
Late at night, he'd return to his room and record everything he'd learned.
It's a record of human culture, spanning six centuries and seven languages.
Record-breaking critters are always crawling, hopping, swimming or otherwise locomoting across our radar.
For a start, the fossil record is incomplete and many species are known only from small fragments.
It was up to the experimenter to read and record the sequences in the proper order.
The biofuels industry is being blamed for record food prices and high price volatility.
The researchers set a new efficiency record for cells incorporating organic dye molecules.
The researchers initially set out to record ion flow in a cell.
It can record data in three spatial dimensions and in response to different wavelengths and polarizations of laser light.
Tiny photosensors embedded in regular clothes record movement.
The voter can record the code or codes and then check them later online.
But peer-to-peer is about much more than violating the copyright of big record labels.
The shuttle does, of course, leave behind a record of significant achievements.
First, the robot wiggles the object in its hand while video cameras in the robot's head record the movement.
The electronic medical-record revolution is upon us.
Based on that track record, such promises of voting in four years' time carry little weight.
He must keep a record of all his observations and measurements, together with the conclusions which he draws from them.
No longer are decisions about who parodies who made in record-label offices.
They'd come in to buy one record and then they'd see some other album that would be interesting.
His departure inspired more resignations and realignment plans, leaving the world's largest record company nearly paralyzed.
It was so exciting to go to the record shop and buy a piece of vinyl and hold it, read the liner notes, look at the pictures.
For the record, our timber-management plan will effectively reduce the potential of a serious wildfire.
Instead of correcting policy in the light of the record, the light itself is being shut down.
Perhaps even one of those record machines with earphones.
These are only a few of the highlights in a consistent record of interest in the social history of antiquity.
Historically her book is important as an authentic record of the times.
For their purposes history was not a record of what had actually happened but simply an instrument for political propaganda.
Maps are made by surveyors who record pointer readings, not retinal images.
There is, alas, no record of what the subject thought of his metamorphosis into a gaunt symbol of extinction.

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