reconvene in a sentence

Example sentences for reconvene

It is unclear whether the commission's six members will all agree to reconvene.
Otherwise, he'd have gone back on the market and his dept would have had to reconvene a committee for another hiring process.
She now wants the panel to reconvene so it can follow the proper procedure, but the government maintains that the work is done.
Reconvene as a group and ask students to share their findings.
These cliff-dwelling baboons disperse to forage during the day and reconvene in much smaller groups at night.
He left town with a new set of issues for his rivals to use against him when they reconvene next week for another debate.
It's cool to reconvene afterwards and see what diverse conclusions were made by the various groups.
Counter said, the companies ended the talks with no plans to reconvene.
Burke said she would reconvene the state panel that investigated the fire.
Whether he is learning fast enough to have a chance to apply these skills in a second term-well, we'll reconvene next year.
They allowed two hours for the lunch, after which they'd reconvene and debrief.
They were expected to reconvene, engage in a panel discussion, then vote.
They reconvene not in the name of that band, but in the spirit of free-form interplay, and in various combinations.
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