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The only way to bring it up again is to move to reconsider the vote by which the words were inserted.
It cannot be made if the question can be reached by calling up the motion to reconsider which has been previously made.
When it is too late to renew it, the motion to reconsider cannot be withdrawn without unanimous consent.
If she comes clean to her editor or agent about her plan, they beg or command her to reconsider.
It is a time to commemorate, consider, and reconsider.
His critiques led me to reconsider my own creative process.
But they had to reconsider how users would control on-screen game elements.
The nature of quantum mechanics has forced researchers to reconsider their own role in the process of science.
Having said that, governments have to reconsider seriously the approach of selling frequency licences.
If your vacation plans for next year include a crowded beach and a mobbed golf course, you may want to reconsider.
It also provides an opportunity to address long-term problems when people are willing to reconsider established conventions.
The nature and depth of the financial crisis is forcing us to reconsider some of the basic tenets of financial theory.
The idea that the thylacine was an ambush predator should spur us to reconsider the reasons for the predator's disappearance.
But gridlock and energy costs have finally driven the normally car-loving culture to reconsider its disdain for buses.
Please reconsider from whom you take money for ads and what the consequences are.
Clearly, the time seems right to reconsider the future of nuclear power.
Possibly, but not probably, these predicted shortages will cause these governments to reconsider birth control measures.
But you may want to reconsider: maggots don't help the wounds heal any faster than soothing gels, and the insects cause more pain.
If you're looking to statistics to win your sweetheart, then maybe you should reconsider your choice.
Other countries should also reconsider plans to expand or introduce such lines.
Events of the last few weeks have forced me to reconsider.
But if you stop for a moment and look up, you might reconsider that judgment.
He is said to be pressing the government to reconsider the bill that will allow coup plotters to be tried in civilian courts.
As the debate grows, some flyers may reconsider their ways.
By rolling out the red carpet again, it showed it has no plans to reconsider.
By the same token, this is a good time to reconsider the hasty verdict of failure that many attached to this phantom movement.
Some see slowness to reconsider unpopular decisions as a virtue, not a flaw.
If you think they aren't speaking up you may need to reconsider.
Make an informed decision, and be prepared always to reconsider it in the light of new information.
Maybe it is time to double back and reconsider some of those original premises, many of which are several generations old.
First, the committee members must reconsider the types of questions they are asking candidates.
There should always be opportunities to reconsider their commitments.
The obvious alternative to enforcement is to reconsider law.
And there is a growing willingness to reconsider the bad idea that tenure is a merit badge for research scholars.
The writer herself fails her employer and should reconsider her occupational field.
After months of negotiations, it was decided that the college had to take me back and reconsider my tenure case.
It's a lesson that his contemporaries should take to heart as they, too, reconsider their missions.
Elected officials should reconsider the words they choose to define their opponents.
The country's leaders need to reconsider these ill-conceived, hastily drawn laws.

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