reconfigure in a sentence

Example sentences for reconfigure

He adds that authorities are set to decide by next month whether to reconfigure the stockpile.
Another idea would be to reconfigure photosynthesis itself.
Software-defined radios can reconfigure themselves automatically to recognize and communicate with each other.
It is possible to reconfigure some parts of this network for different purposes.
The devices learn the power cycles of each appliance and reconfigure them to maximize collective efficiency.
The operator will then send the message to reconfigure the phone.
It plans to reconfigure the accelerator pedal so that it cannot get caught on the floor mats.
Maybe it'll reinvent itself, or break up and reconfigure before trying again.
The gyrations of the steel industry provide a road map of how they might reconfigure their industrial relations.
Reconfigure the smoke barrier so that it spans from exterior wall to exterior wall and seal all penetrations.
Reconfigure interior spaces including wall and ceiling systems to establish useable and functional spaces.
Reconfigure curbing to allow drainage to outside of curb onto roof.
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