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Example sentences for recondite

There seems to be no recondite meaning in the piece.
Well, anyone who has ever pored over a scientific research paper will recall its recondite jargon.
But these are never presented in order to dazzle us with recondite knowledge alone.
It sometimes seems that there is no talent so recondite that you cannot make a living out of it.
It may seem a recondite subject, but the stakes couldn't be higher.
But until a couple of years ago, this seemed a recondite field of research with few obvious practical applications.
Coster-Mullen spent the next ten years of his life mastering a body of recondite technical data.
The interpretation of dreams was a recondite specialty, about as influential as urology journals today.
But the book's real flaw is not its loving inflation of somewhat recondite events but its propelling argument.
The conversation becomes more recondite when our clients turn their attention to implicit transaction costs.
Along with those mentioned, similarly recondite databases have recently become part of reference services.
There is no need te search for remote aud recondite reasons for the crime, or te charge it upon this or that system.

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