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Example sentences for reconciliation

We need to change methods fast not talk about reconciliation with the evils of factory farming and big agriculture.
Unlike other macaques, their conflicts are followed by acts of reconciliation.
He gathered diets and councils in futile attempts at reconciliation.
Reconciliation somehow served to justify the breach.
Respect and reconciliation are not the words they conjure.
Still, there are answers to this problem: reconciliation offers could bring some fighters home peacefully, for example.
In any case his senility ended forever any chance of our reconciliation.
Taken all in all, then, this letter clearly symbolizes the beginning of an internal reconciliation with his colleagues.
The contradictions are themselves the form that a reconciliation with reality takes.
And they are also the ones doing damage to any reconciliation with religious moderates.
Anyone who thinks otherwise has to jump incredible hoops for a basic reconciliation.
He favored what he called a separation between married persons only for the reason that it left open a chance for reconciliation.
Words were carefully picked to reflect growing reconciliation, but the visit could not mask plenty of lingering resentment.
Critics also lament the lack of progress towards national reconciliation.
Until now, though, that reconciliation has been backed only by hazy data.
She should now press these into the service of national reconciliation, including among the country's many ethnic groups.
Reconciliation is in everybody's interests, neighbours included, which is where the self-restraint comes in.
It was time, this official says, to pursue national reconciliation.
The rebels have said all the right things about reconciliation.
Yet the government's perceived lack of concern for the misery of the displaced bodes ill for reconciliation.
Trust even between moderates is minimal, and national reconciliation non-existent.
Accepting the government's plea for national reconciliation there is as unlikely as meal without chilies.
Commemorations of the conflicts that have shaped our world often involve attempts at reconciliation.
The best ways to implement medication reconciliation and the impact on patient outcomes are unknown.

Famous quotes containing the word reconciliation

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