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The work of the mature intellect is to reconcile oneself to the past without a retreat into fantasy--in either direction.
They team up to form coalitions to overthrow their foes, but they also reconcile after a fight.
It's difficult to reconcile the two approaches to cinema, roughly art vs commerce.
In part, this was because of the topic--the eternal tussle to reconcile faith and science.
Both systems let you get up-to-the-minute bank balances, view historical information, and even reconcile your checkbook online.
Eliminating the need to reconcile many versions of a design means fewer tiny errors when it's finished.
It attempts to reconcile human suffering with the need of an army to defeat its enemy.
To reconcile with someone, you must acknowledge his demands.
They have seen plenty of their married peers flirt and have affairs and reconcile, or divorce and marry again.
But they don't have to reconcile the contradictions in order to cope with reality.
Its effort to reconcile various statistics partly explains why it takes so long to reach judgments.
It is vexed because the evidence points to two truths, difficult to reconcile.
Tainted by past blunders, the modern-day industry struggles to reconcile high stakes economics with sound environmental practices.
There is a need for management plan to reconcile the various demands on the site.
Others will realize that you're there permanently, and will make an effort to reconcile.
She admits she is not sure whether she can reconcile university and work.
The puzzle is to reconcile microscopic reversibility with macroscopic irreversibility.
For the moment, it's unclear how to reconcile the differences between the two studies.
The authors of the new theory try to reconcile these differences.
It is difficult to reconcile this evidence with the notion of behavioral modernity as a significant and universal human quality.
It was impossible to reconcile the news reports with the family's reputation.
Embodying the confluence of substance and style, she has helped reconcile the long-standing antagonism between them.
The human mind, unwilling to reconcile itself to the senseless, looks for reasons to explain every case.
The challenge of the future is to reconcile growth, employment, and ecology.
To fit the post-industrial age it must be able to reconcile the competing demands of flexibility and fairness.
Articles over the past half-century reflect an attempt to reconcile his bitter character with his brilliant writing.
Conference committees are intended to reconcile differences.
Back end reports allow your accountants to reconcile transactions easily.
Reconcile the physical property with the property records.
Reconcile the physical property with the financial records.
Periodically reconcile the incoming check log against deposits.
If they don't match, the auditor is required to reconcile the difference and identify reasons for the differences.
Once in a while the warring parties in a lawsuit more than reconcile.

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