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Get the facts in easy-print form, click to related sites, and review recommended resources.
It is recommended to make the tortillas for the enchiladas one day ahead.
He said that the roses recommended for each region actually do well across all the climates within the region.
In business, thank-you letters are highly recommended.
The vaccination is recommended to be administered to those who are at high risk, such as the chronically ill.
However, if you have the time a trip to some of the other less visited ruins is highly recommended.
The chart below shows coverage and recommended sizes to make a wall.
At the recommended doses, acetaminophen is not hazardous.
But then a neurologist recommended animal acupuncture.
In all recommended climate zones, cut off old stalks near ground level when leaves begin to yellow.
It is not recommended that you smoke, cook or have any open flames in the studio.
It appears to have been calculated using a method that is specifically not recommended for major oil spills.
The recommended strategy is to create your own account and rate yourself.
For faster coverage, space plants a bit more closely than normally recommended.
Use of superglue and a normal free-wheel was definitely not recommended.
The kind of follow-up always recommended in career advice columns in the press applies to business, not to academe.
Check the seed packet for recommended planting depth.
It is recommended that the knots you use to tie the spiral to the spokes are simple, and loose.
The feed store that supplied our chicks recommended straw too.
He has recommended to the mining company that the caves should be preserved.
Safari or beach extensions recommended but not included.
Because apricot trees tend to form too dense a canopy, open-center training is usually recommended.
Lenten rose can be divided, but doing so is not recommended, since divided plants take several years to recuperate.
No problem getting my five recommended servings of fruits and vegetables per day under this program.
In order to get closer to neutral, it was recommended he add oyster shells.
Many of the country's cougar experts have recommended that wildlife agencies adopt such zone management.
For pneumonia, he recommended a shot or two of whiskey.
No major side effects were reported, although the technique is not recommended for anyone with a history of seizures.
Online applications are available and highly recommended.
Two spaces at the end of a sentence is merely recommended, and only in draft manuscripts.
It is highly recommended that your resume address your accomplishments in these specific competency areas.
The campus judicial council found him guilty and, since he had a prior offense, recommended that he be expelled for two semesters.
After taking the recommended dose my mind was on warp speed.
We pumped them for recipes for food and drink, this strawberry-hued affair being one they recommended.
Nothing ought to be more weighed than the nature of books recommended by public authority.
It is not recommended for physically challenged individuals.
Change the air filters regularly and have the unit serviced as recommended by the manufacturer.
However, then and now, the government proved unable to provide funding for all the remedies that had been recommended.
Replace or clean the air filter in your furnace once a month, or as recommended by your furnace manufacturer.
For those who prefer to eat meat, small portions served as a side dish rather than as the main meal are recommended.
Open late so it's ideal for a post-opera meal, though reservations are recommended.
Follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for tuneups, oil changes and tire inflation.
Some even recommended clearing piƱon and juniper trees to improve the reserve for wildlife.
To make a reservation or a purchase, you have to be recommended by a regular.
The journalist thought that the lawyer had gone crazy and recommended some time by the sea, that invigorating air.
We hadn't by any measure exhausted the supply of even highly recommended boudin purveyors.
He was worried about metastasis, and recommended that the procedure be done immediately, but she balked.
Not recommended for those seeking warm weather, or for newlyweds.
As recommended in my book, what is truly needed is a comprehensive program of risk management of bird and wildlife strikes.
For those with a deficiency, there is a recommended dose but it's no where near where some clinicians were prescribing.
He has recommended they resubmit with a different route, and the company has indicated they intend to resubmit.
Occasionally trainers are recommended, but the goal is to teach the owner to teach the dog through consistency and rewards.
In such a case a biopsy is almost routinely recommended.
To his great relief she recommended no course of action.
He recommended wrapping your head in cabbage leaves.
The reformers also recommended an improvement over the military's system of raising pensions whenever active-duty pay went up.
We recommended that she immediately get large doses of an array of antibiotics.
Early in her life, the doctor recommended ear drops she hated them.
However, the risks of the recommended vaccines are significantly lower than the risks from the diseases they prevent.
For mice already inside, health officials recommended trapping, then dousing the corpses with virus-killing disinfectant.
They were recommended by an amazing travel agent who put the trip together.
And its mentors recommended investments from which they stood to profit.
The government recommended changes so utilities will respond properly to serious accidents.
Place's doctor didn't think much of the lump either, but recommended a mammogram nonetheless.
Unfortunately, the punishment ultimately handed down was much less than initially recommended.
Fletcher recommended chewing each mouthful of food one hundred times.

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