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Our brains are exquisitely tuned to perceive, recognize and remember faces.
It's easy to recognize larger pests, such as deer and rabbits--but it's not so simple with the smaller ones.
We have now lost too many acres not to recognize an exponential explosion of plants.
The whales' distinctive markings allow scientists to recognize individuals and track their movements.
Humans can recognize their own reflection before the age of two.
The patients can now avoid obstacles even in dim light, read large print and recognize people's faces.
We are exquisitely able to recognize other individuals and to read their emotions from mere glimpses of their faces.
Lose that neuron, and you no longer recognize grandma.
In fact, it turns out that an owner may recognize his ride the same way he identifies people.
Computers, for instance, cannot match our ability to recognize a friend from a distance merely by the way he walks.
These people boast perfect pitch, the ability to recognize individual sound frequencies without any external reference.
Today astronomers recognize the medium as a protean atmosphere roiled by supernova explosions.
On the other hand, computers are stumped by faces, which people recognize instantly.
The autistic teens took longer to recognize familiar faces and made more mistakes in identifying the emotions of others.
Readers learn, for example, that severing specific nerve fibers once left a patient unable to recognize written words.
Many viruses can undergo incredibly rapid adaptation, eluding immune systems that learn to recognize previous strains.
Someone has to recognize what's happening as it's happening, and try to talk sense.
The liberty to have and hold property is not one they recognize.
We recognize the imperative need for this development.
But if you used them more frequently you would train yourself to recognize them.
One essential skill in life: recognize mental illness when you see it.
To suggest that it does not recognize rehabilitation is foolish.
The solid grounds, therefore, of his romance were partly wasted upon an audience not competent to recognize them.
But there is never a time when he does not recognize the necessity of making concessions.
Those who have more insight recognize this afterwards as a self deception and accuse themselves of ungratefulness.
Endowing computers with the ability to recognize and express emotion is the first challenge.
They make conversation, recognize faces and keep track of kids.
If you enter a word it doesn't recognize, the app presents you with similarly spelled words.
Anyone who has blogged his thoughts for an extended time will recognize this world.
She finds it almost impossible to recognize people simply by looking at them.
Elephants can recognize themselves in mirrors, according to a new study.
Humans can recognize hundreds, if not thousands of individual faces.
New research shows how a part of the brain helps us recognize fear in other people's facial expressions.
Students should recognize that changes to the environment in one place can often affect other, distant places.
Ask them if they recognize the animals and know what they are called.
What's more, the marine mammals can recognize individual names even when the sound is produced by an unfamiliar voice.
Students may recognize that the insects are really eating your blood.
It turned out that without the urine in the water, the lobsters couldn't recognize each other.
Avian and human viruses recognize and attach themselves to different sugar structures.
It's the first study to show that birds have learned to recognize and reject cuckoo nestlings.
Ask if students recognize any of the plants or animals in any of the pictures.
The music creates a street party where couples dance belt-buckle to belt-buckle to a rhythm that they recognize as their own.
Experiments have demonstrated that some spiders can recognize and respond to specific shapes on television monitors.
Sheep can recognize individual faces-human and sheep-and retain the recognition long-term.
Explain that as you zoom in with the telescope, they will be able to see more detail and recognize more features.
He would recognize the cost of his abuses against nature, and he would finally begin to try to make amends.
Hot dogs and typewriters-generic things people sort of recognize.
The rule in human development, though it took a long time to recognize, is diversity.
For some time people didn't recognize that they even existed.
He also showed signs of being self-aware: he could recognize himself in a mirror.
She'd taught him how to recognize crocodiles and gather food before he drove her from the island.
They recognize one another and develop lifelong cooperative relationships.
It's important to me to recognize the sound of my own voice.
Rather the goal-especially at the undergraduate level-should be to help students recognize that philosophy matters.
Being self-aware enough to recognize that is as important for your career as it is for your private life.
We recognize the opportunity it presents to have a say in the direction of the department.
Is able to recognize challenges and present solutions.
It is this failure to recognize his power and charisma that weakens left-wing criticisms of him.
Gourmets recognize well-cooked rice and judge the cook accordingly.
It remains unclear how simple cells recognize what the conscious mind cannot.
Bellboys, waitresses, and policemen recognize his face.
But the more important story is that critics didn't recognize the film's great artistic merit.
If you don't recognize some of these names, don't feel bad.
She looked away while he probed in his change purse, then they politely pretended to recognize each other.
The antigens train the immune system to recognize and destroy those microbes should they ever appear in the body.
If a rat is trained to recognize sounds at a particular frequency, the corresponding region of the tone map will get bigger.
But they now recognize the cognitive benefits of playing video games: pattern recognition, system thinking, even patience.
Modern astronomers recognize planetary nebulas as the fossil wreckage of dying stars ripped apart by powerful winds.
There is something fundamental about our ability to produce and recognize sounds using our vocal apparatus.
He would recognize this unified theory, he said, by its beauty or self-evident rightness.
Most animals appear to be biologically prepared to recognize highly specific indicators of good habitat.
They have discovered apparently vegetative people whose minds can still imagine, still recognize, still respond.
The body's digestive enzymes recognize aspartame as a protein and break it down much as they would a natural compound.
But doing so depends on our ability to recognize a patient at risk.
We teach them how to taste, how to smell, how to recognize what component in a food is responsible for what portion of the taste.
When they go for months between visits, you often don't recognize them.
The problem was to recognize individuals-wildebeests all look alike.
People seldom recognize her since she lost more than half her weight.
The governor supports merit selection and should recognize that this bill will prevent it from happening.
But when you pick her up on prom night, you hardly recognize her.
And the humility to recognize their role in the disaster at hand.
But those moments help you appreciate the joy of life and to recognize that.
And some readers simply think they recognize real people-even themselves-in characters who are wholly imaginary.
It was the only distinctive thing on him, and there was a chance that someone might recognize it.
The match was not even close: the e-nose was unable to recognize either compound in traces less than a few parts per million.
The ability to recognize such differences could be essential to understanding diseases such as cancer or diabetes.
First, the application has to recognize what the user is saying.
The system would recognize that the information wasn't the same and alert administrators to the cheat.
Bees trained at one concentration of vapor easily recognize lower doses.
The purpose: to help soldiers learn to recognize signs of danger or opportunity in the field.
We should recognize our direct interest in this matter.
Anyone who writes for a few years has to recognize that reviewers will not only disagree but also misunderstand.
But this influence is real and deeper than she seems to recognize.
Above all, though, donors must recognize that the current status quo is unacceptable.
In summary, there are many effective ways to reward and recognize employees.
It is critical that you be able to recognize the signs of gang involvement.

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