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Thus tuition discounting is, at best, a holding strategy that temporarily defers the day of reckoning.
Our day of reckoning will ultimately follow, however.
Reckoning on two prime ministers during his five-year term, he will delay the selection of a new one as long as possible.
It's that moment of reckoning that tells them the value of the object.
He is not sure how much the project will cost, but is reckoning on a payback period of around five years.
The end of impunity is coming to an end and the moment of reckoning closer.
This, say some, is simply postponing the day of reckoning.
But then he throws that superiority away by scoffing at any possibility of reaching such a reckoning.
By any reckoning, he should have been relaxing in his dressing room or heading back to the hotel.
By this reckoning, the clam would be only the oldest non-colonial animals.
By her reckoning, huge leaps in intelligence may be found among creatures on worlds everywhere in the universe.
So that's where the future reckoning-not bubble-popping per se, but major shifts in position-is likely to occur.
Publishers are lucky in one way: the reckoning could have come much sooner.
For a decade now, the agency has successfully avoided a reckoning with its own culpability in letting this tragedy transpire.
To borrow a feature from a popular sports magazine, that's a sure sign the day of reckoning is nearing.
The government has sought a reckoning, by sacking officials in charge of nuclear safety.
That's disappointing and concerning by any reckoning.
Costly though it has been, the financial crisis has merely brought forward a fiscal reckoning.
For their part, the head-counters are working on ways to improve their reckoning.
Blackwood was reckoning upon the outrageousness of his new number to advertise it.
Add to the reckoning all whom thou hast known, one after another.
Except in these two points, how the world went in books, the magistrate kept no reckoning.
There are a few encouraging signs that a day of reckoning is drawing near.
Surely there will be a day of reckoning for those who defraud the laborer of his hire.
But in the longer run a reckoning awaits, and the longer run has arrived.
Next morning the reckoning begins, so that by nightfall eleven students are permanently expelled.
Also, many creatures navigate by magnetic reckoning.
Reckoning with dark energy will also spur attempts to define a quantum theory of gravity.
It begins on the date management becomes aware of a first offense and continues until the end of the reckoning period.
All wars, even the noblest, bring a reckoning of means and ends.
In the long run, a thorough reckoning is a healthy thing.
But it will only postpone the day of reckoning and make the crash more painful.
Finishing up this unpredictable postseason, the final reckoning is at hand.
One, borrowing pushes off the day of reckoning, which should be sooner than later.

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