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Merely having read the material and being able to recite it verbatim is neither education nor learning.
Students pick from a list of poems and recite them from memory.
Think critically and don't recite gibberish as though it is true.
Still, the light was enough to inspire me to recite poetry.
And it connects to a wireless computer server to recite information about cars.
It also demands a performer who can move and recite verse.
The researchers tested his accuracy by prompting him with two lines from the poem and asking him to recite the next ten.
He wants them to recite texts by heart-and many, but not all, of them eventually do so.
Have them point to places on the map as they recite their address.
Subjects were given a memory test known as the false fame paradigm, in which they were asked to recite a list of unfamiliar names.
People around here can recite the names as though they were family.
They can either recite it in my office, or in public.
Contestants have three minutes to recite a poem of their own composition.
Now, he can recite the trajectory as if it were gospel.
Participants were then asked to walk down the hall to a second room where they would recite the number they had memorized.
Many can also recite annoying jingles more readily than their times tables.
And as the hype solidifies into conventional wisdom, almost anyone can recite the narrative.
Some don't care about the ornaments, but others are proud of their collection and can recite which ornament came in which year.
Every morning, they recite the pledge of allegiance here.
Our task is to develop students ability to use information not to recite it.
Use your imagination, don't recite your business school credo.
It'd be rather dull to only recite our own direct experiences.
All they do is recite the scriptures or sutras and meditate.
Not to the point of ridiculousness, but they are not there simply to recite what you tell them.
For visitors, she would recite various species she raised.
The amount of scientific facts you can accurately recite.
Each semester he offered extra credit to students who could recite the full poem, nearly two hundred lines, from memory.
Youths and maidens in common festival recite in turn the verses of a ballad, caught and flung back in the refrain.
Good teachers do far more than recite lessons, they teach critical thinking.
During the reunion, family members can recite their stories individually or in a group setting.
Recite the number for the reservationist or enter it on the website.
During each take, the two recite their lines with precision.
Bring along their favorite video-the one they request so often that they recite the script with the cartoon characters.
Recite a personal declaration of your intent to enter into the service of your faith upon arriving at the holy site.
Designs are executed by priestlike figures who have their own secret ink recipes and recite prayers while they work.
Recite the answer by restating it with your own words.
Following the presentation all present should salute the flag, recite the pledge of allegiance, and sing the national anthem.
It was customary for students to stand by their desks, with their hands over their hearts, and recite the pledge.
If a school district decides to have the pledge recited, no student may be compelled to recite it or even to stand.
The application may later be amended to recite the function, theory or advantage without introducing prohibited new matter.
They also recite prayers, chant songs, eat special foods such as potato latkes and exchange gifts such as dreidels.

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