reciprocate in a sentence

Example sentences for reciprocate

The single spray of citrus nearly doubled their tendency to reciprocate.
Stepfathers often reciprocate in kind, creating a vicious circle of resentment and recrimination.
The first involves those who frequently ask for help but never reciprocate.
Taken in an effort to reciprocate or get revenge as a result of comments made.
Establishing strong relationships requires that program staff initiate and reciprocate.
Casing centralization and whether to rotate or reciprocate the casing during cement placement should be evaluated.
Some studies suggest, however, that evolutionary processes reciprocate by influencing ecology.
Tips for chairpersons include keeping members informed about problems and insisting they reciprocate.
After one year they may reciprocate regardless of internship.
Accordingly, it is strongly recommended that if a seller pays for an activity that the buyer reciprocate.

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